“Hey Schoenweiss, There’s No Crying In Baseball!”

I was disappointed to read Charlie Nobles’ column in the Times today about Scott Schoenweiss. The interview is filled with excuses about his deplorable performance last season. He has excuses about injuries from 2005 and getting down on himself because the fans and media were tough on him.

I don’t buy any of his excuses and I felt insulted as a fan while reading this article. This is professional sports, it’s not a game being played for fun. We’re playing to win, Scott! So if a player is on the field, he can’t have any excuses. If you’re injured, go to the trainers room. If you’re hurt by fans and media that are tough on you, go play in Tampa or Pittsburgh.
You can’t sign a three year $10.8 million contract and come to the table with excuses. I think everyone except Omar Minaya thought this was a bad contract when it was announced before last season. Now we know it’s a bad contract.

Schoenweiss looked as bad or worse than Mike Stanton did for the Mets. Remember that? Look up Stanton’s stats from 2003-2004. He was hit harder than a pinata in those seasons.

Omar, can you please trade this guy soon even if you have to eat half of his remaining contract? Because that’s what it will take to extricate yourself from this deal.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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