Flurry Of Roster Moves Shakes Up Mets

WFAN’s Mike and the Mad Dog just discussed several roster moves for the Mets today:

  • Mets purchase the contract of Claudio Vargas
  • Mets purchase the contract of Fernando Tatis
  • Mets activate Matt Wise from the disabled list
  • Angel Pagan was placed on the 15 day disabled list
  • Nelson Figueroa was designated for assignment
  • Jorge Sosa was designated for assignment

The purchase of Fernando Tatis’ contract is a bit of a surprise. Luis Castillo must be hurt enough so that the Mets feel like they need some infield insurance. Tatis can provide that if Castillo is out for a week or more.

Claudio Vargas will pitch Wednesday against the Nationals. Who knows what we’ll get from him? He was released by the Brewers for a reason, so don’t expect miracles from him. We should be thrilled to get five innings out of him. He was on the street a month ago.

The Nelson Figueroa dream comes to an end for now. He was a great story but just couldn’t get major league hitters out consistently. He was fantastic the first time through the order and may have been more suited for a relief role.

I’m ecstatic that Omar Minaya designated Sosa. This is best for the team despite the fact that they may have to eat $1.5 million of his salary if he doesn’t accept a minor league assignment. Joe Smith earned the right to stay on the team. I would’ve been livid if Minaya kept Sosa instead of Smith. It would have displayed a lack of concern for winning now. Not to mention the fact that it may have adversely affected Willie Randolph’s ability to keep his job. Good job Omar!

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

11 thoughts on “Flurry Of Roster Moves Shakes Up Mets”

  1. Two-Pitchers up and Two-Pitchers down. The two-and-two move is yet another reminder of the Mets playing .500 ball, and would've appreciated it more if they threw Heilman on the designation list. I couldn't agree more with Nelson's brief stay, which was unfortunately a short-lived dream. Sosa on the other hand is much more disappointing, because the guy had such potential dating back to his starting days. The bullpen move seemed wise at the time, and now leaves us with a different wise move that only time will tell. All this pitching and bullpen talk randomly reminds me of yet another guy who saved his best stuff for the one-way ticket out of New York. Braden Looper. Since we have witnessed pitchers leaving NY to only rise to the occasion elsewhere, has made me want to see Heilman leave even more. He looks as if he could use a tan, so let's shovel him to Florida so we can test our luck against a pitcher who leaves the bright lights-big city. I like our chances.


    1. As bad as Aaron Heilman has been, he's not going anywhere. The Mets have too much invested in him. And he does have good potential. He could pitch in any bullpen in baseball.


      1. I do believe that his arm possesses much talent, which could land him in any bullpen throughout the majors. Nevertheless, he unfortunately has a track record that stands out negatively, with fans and media alike, we're reminded of his tendency to give up the long-ball; in addition to Molina's biggest homerun that he'll ever hit – that was tossed by Heilman – it's hard to grasp his potential when he gives-up more than enough homeruns during a one-inning responsibility.Heilman isn't the only bullpen blunder these days. Let's quickly analyze one of the transactions processed by Omar and gang, which had Wise on the mound during Game-2 of their attempt to win one over the Nats. Yes, our Metropolitans won – I'm actually going to call a bullpen pitcher consistent – with Wagner's lights-out ways. Nonetheless, we witnessed yet another game that had our bullpen (Wise) stress again: one-inning one-run. The lead-off double to a 0-13 batter, who scored shortly afterwards, has me still feel a little uncomfortable when Willie does his walk to the mound while waving his hand for relief.


      2. I didn't realize that Heilman has allowed 6 of 8 inherited runners to score. It's time for a change of scenery.


      3. Heilman looks like he doesn't have an ounce of confidence that he can get an out in a tight spot. I wouldn't completely give up on him, but I can't understand why Willie would put him a tie game in the seventh inning. It makes no sense to me.


      4. Just listened to the post game report. Willie sounds like a broken man. If this team doesn't show some fire, Willie is going to spend a lot of time working on his golf game.


  2. Since June 2007, this team is playing .500 ball. Something like 73-73. Thankfully the NL East is filled with mediocrity right now. Let's hope that when Pedro and if El Duque come back, it will provide a much needed spark to this dull team.


    1. I think that the moves today were the first warning shot aimed at mediocrity. If things don't start turning around for the Mets it could be Willie Randolph or someone else to go next.


  3. I'm confident in Fernando Tatis' ability to make a positive difference when called upon. The confidence was assured when he was able to get an important hit during his first at-bat. I was absolutely amazed to hear about his ownership of a Major League Record! The record – in my view – will never be broken, so I like the good luck Tatis has brought to the Mets. Cmon! Anyone who can hit TWO Grand-Salamis in the same inning – off the same pitcher – should be in Mets Pinstripes, so I'm glad he's on our side! **Dreams are future realities. – Yesterday's dreams are often tomorrow's realities.**–Bruce Lee


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