Mets Over Orioles 9-8 To Complete Spring Training

mike-pelfreyThe Mets are finally headed back to New York after what feels like the longest spring training in history. The WBC lengthened spring training, seven weeks long, was arduous at best.

Mike Pelfrey wasn’t very good today, only pitching four innings and giving up eight runs on ten hits. Pelfrey only got 13 pitches in his previous start because of a rain delay, so he may have had a little rust at this early point in the season. I’m not concerned about Pelfrey at all. I like the progress that he’s made over the last year.

The Mets are flying back to New York tonight for a few days before the season starts on Monday against the Cincinnati Reds. The exhibition games gets started at Citi Field on Friday night against the Boston Red Sox at 6:10pm and again on Saturday afternoon at 1:10pm. Both games will be televised, Friday on SNY and Saturday on WPIX.

Its exciting to see the Mets play at Citi Field but I don’t get too fired up about exhibition games. I’m not going to Citi Field until the games count. At the prices the Mets are charging, and considering the economy, I want to get the most for my entertainment dollars. For those of you that are going to the Red Sox games, I’m not saying that its a bad idea. I’m just saying that I prefer to see the Mets starters putting in a full game and playing to win.

I’m ready for the season to start!

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

One thought on “Mets Over Orioles 9-8 To Complete Spring Training”

  1. I hate to bring up things like this, but can you imagine if Omar pulled the trigger on Manny?? You would have a line up that looks like this!

    Reyes, SS
    Wright, 3B
    Manny, LF
    Delgado, 1B
    Beltran, CF
    Murphy, 2B
    Church, RF
    Schneinder, C

    Would this be the best lineup in baseball?? They scored 799 runs last year! How many runs could this lineup score? 850? 900?

    Sadly we will never know…


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