Mets And MLB Winter Meetings 2009

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We haven’t seen much from the New York Mets yet this offseason but it’s still early. None of the big free agents that the Mets should be interested in have come off the board yet anyway. It’s been in the news since yesterday that Chone Figgins signed a 4-year/$36M deal with the Mariners. As far as I’m concerned, that’s fine with me. I like Figgins but don’t see where he would fit in with the Mets roster. Maybe left field. But that’s a stretch for a guy with a long term contract at $9M/year.

At least the Mets are set at catcher. That was easy. Chris Coste will be the third string guy staying in shape at Triple-A Buffalo. And Henry Blanco should back up Omir Santos. Yahoo Sports wrote that the Mets are still in the market for a starter at catcher like Bengie Molina, Yorvit Torrealba, or Rod Barajas. But I think the Mets have bigger fish to fry than another catcher.

The Winter Meetings run from December 7-11. I doubt that they could get a deal done for Matt Holliday or Jason Bay this week. Omar Minaya should be able to lay the groundwork for a contract though during the meetings. That’s where he should spend most of his time.

A smaller portion of time should be spent working on the second tier free agent starting pitchers like Randy Wolf, Jason Marquis, and Joel Pineiro. None of them are great. But, contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think that the Mets need another great starter. They already have one. They need a great left fielder.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Mets And MLB Winter Meetings 2009”

  1. Hi Dave, my angst over last season precludes me into saying "The Mets need to do something major at the meetings" However, the reality check that arrives in the mail on a random basis is written as "P ay the bearer no mind" It is clear, at least to me, that the Mets are not going to make any splashes at all this winter. If Chone Figgins, clearly an average complimentary player, is getting the contract he is getting, the market will be higher than any of us anticipated. That equates to overpaying for less talented players.
    Since we all know the Coupons and Omar are geniuses *cough* they won't do so. I agree with you that they will go for second tier players such as the NY Yankee lover Jason Marquis and the like. Just the idea of a guy growing up on Staten Island hating the Mets being high on the Dodger loving Wilpons list, almost immediately after hiring the Mets hating ex -Phillie Chris Coste, once again show the brilliance of the front office. Do I hear Richie Hebner?
    I already know the spin coming from the front office will be "It was all about injuries last season" so that will be the cheapness excuse.
    The only thing more full of crap is the idea that the Mets new lower ticket price tiers is understandable without an associates degree in finance. The one A-hole in the Mets front office that gets spared way too much here and on most spaces is David Howard. His arrogance about ticket prices, Mets history, and stadium issues are appalling. He acts as if the issues were barely issues. Typical the the Coupons would have someone like him in a high position.


    1. Sometimes things don't happen until after the Winter Meetings. Last year a lot of players didn't sign until January and February. I know a lot of Mets fans are anxious for something big to happen quickly. But we may have to be patient for a couple of months.


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