Voice of the Fan: Mets 2009 Offseason Inactivity

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I haven’t been worried about the Mets lack of making a splashy free agent signing or trade until now. But if they can’t get something done within the next week or so, we do need to be concerned. I’ve talked to a lot of Mets fans that are starting to freak out that John Lackey is off the board and the Mets seem to be bargain hunting for free agent pitching and outfielders, not to mention the lack of depth in the organization.

In this continuation of my voice of the fan series you can read what frequent commenter Mark Jones, aka MetStatHead, has to say about the Mets offseason so far. If you’re interested in having your voice heard here at The Mets Report get in touch with me on my Contact page. Read on for Mark’s thoughts.

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Mets And MLB Winter Meetings 2009

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We haven’t seen much from the New York Mets yet this offseason but it’s still early. None of the big free agents that the Mets should be interested in have come off the board yet anyway. It’s been in the news since yesterday that Chone Figgins signed a 4-year/$36M deal with the Mariners. As far as I’m concerned, that’s fine with me. I like Figgins but don’t see where he would fit in with the Mets roster. Maybe left field. But that’s a stretch for a guy with a long term contract at $9M/year.

At least the Mets are set at catcher. That was easy. Chris Coste will be the third string guy staying in shape at Triple-A Buffalo. And Henry Blanco should back up Omir Santos. Yahoo Sports wrote that the Mets are still in the market for a starter at catcher like Bengie Molina, Yorvit Torrealba, or Rod Barajas. But I think the Mets have bigger fish to fry than another catcher.

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