Video: Ryota Igarashi at Mets Spring Training

Here’s some video from Newsday. Yes, Newsday! That’s the media outlet that many of you don’t get to see anymore because they redesigned their site and put it behind a pay wall. I still get the site because I’m a Cablevision subscriber. Thanks to the Dolan’s, you’ll get to see the video that I have access to from their Mets blog. By the way, Newsday’s $4 million site redesign and pay wall has been a huge success. They already have 35 paying subscribers. That nets the company about $700/month.

I won’t link to Newsday’s Mets blog because so many of you can’t see it without paying for it. But here’s some video that I hope you can see. If you can’t, please comment below and I’ll remove it.

Ryota Igarashi is getting some good early spring press. He knows a little English but has an interpreter with him. It sounds like his first friend on the team is K-Rod.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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