Poll: Mets 2010 Fifth Starter

As usual, one of the biggest position battles in Mets spring training is for the fifth starter. Although the fifth starter can be a conglomeration of garbage, I really like the options that the Mets have for this season. Last year, the battle was between Livan Hernandez and Freddy Garcia. What a mess that was! By the way, have you seen the video of drunk Freddy Garcia at this year’s SoxFest getting fans excited for the season? A sloppy, drunken, expletive-filled, aging fifth starter is sure to get the Chicago fans pumped about the season.

After last season’s fiasco, I’m pretty excited that the Mets have some nice options for the fifth spot in the rotation. Jon Niese looks like he’ll be able to put together a moderately successful career, if you can project that on a young guy with eight career starts under his belt. I really liked what we saw from Fernando Nieve last season before he hurt his leg running out a ground ball too. His seven starts to a 2.95 ERA for an awful team were impressive. There’s always Nelson Figueroa in the mix as well. He had ten starts last year and had a few real stinkers. But I still like his toughness on the mound. Who do you think will end up as the fifth starter to begin the season?

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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