Dear Minaya: Break Up The Mets Core

David Daniels writes that the Mets core is broken. Omar Minaya needs to make some creative moves to fix a team built around stars that aren’t performing.

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It seems that every year it’s the same old story. We can’t seem to get our All-Star center fielder and All-Star shortstop on the field together. Whether you want to call it back luck, bad management or you just chalk it up to the fact that these two are injury prone, we can’t afford to keep both players if they keep going down so much. What to do…?

If I were Omar Minaya, I would trade one of these injury prone superstars to get a top line starting pitcher. If I had to trade one, here’s who I’d trade:

Carlos Beltran? – At 32 years-old and with two years left on his contract, if he can get back by May, get some playing time under his belt and show off the five-tool, Gold Glove, All-Star center fielder that he is, a trade involving Beltran by the July trading deadline could bring back at least a #2 starter and some major help for the minors. Re-stocking the minor leagues for future trades should be a priority and a front line pitcher would certainly help us now. Of course we would need a strong defensive center fielder to replace him to cover such a large outfield at Citi Field. Is F-Mart that guy? I’m not sure but he certainly stacks up to Reyes when it comes to nagging injuries.

Jose Reyes? – At 26 years-old and in the final year of his contract, a 2-time All-Star and all-time Mets leader in triples and stolen bases, Reyes is not the five tool player Beltran is. You have to love the energy “Professor Reyes” brings to his game which plays well in New York. He’s a fun to watch, when he’s healthy. What would you get for an injury prone shortstop in the final year of his contract?

The other variable in this scenario is the fact that Minaya may not make a move since he needs both players available to make a playoff run. “Like that’s happening”. If he ends up trading one, that means the season has already been lost. Retooling for future years may not be an option for him as his job is on the line.

Final Decision? – Trade Beltran to acquire a #2 starter, help re-stock the farm system. At the same time we could let Reyes walk and sign Jimmy Rollins as a free agent. Yes, you heard it here first!

Better yet, maybe we can just trade Omar Minaya…

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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