Cardinals 4 – Mets 3 April 16, 2010

MLB: Mets vs Brewers SEP 3 Mets lost their seventh game of the year and it’s already starting to get old. They did go up against Chris Carpenter who threw 7 innings and only gave up 1 unearned run. So there is the built in excuse for losing that they ran into a buzz saw tonight. But I’m getting tired of the excuses over the last year.

The bright spot of the game was Oliver Perez for a change. He went 6.1 IP giving up only 1 run, which scored after he left the game. We haven’t seen many lines like that from Perez over the past couple of years.

But there are no moral victories in professional sports. The Mets  lost. Again.

Tonight’s goat is Raul Valdes for giving up a grand slam in the seventh to Felipe Lopez. So a guy on loan from the Mexican League gives up a grand slam to a guy that could barely find a job in baseball this year. Unbelievable. It wasn’t exactly the Clash of the Titans.

Runner up for goat of the night is Fernando Nieve for not getting an out in the seventh. He came in for Perez and promptly hit one batter and walked another before getting the hook.

Jeff Francoeur remains red hot going 2 for 3. And there were several nice plays in the field including a couple of hot shots picked up by David Wright.

Box score

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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