Oliver Perez Shuts Cardinals Down – Bullpen Fails Him

Oliver Perez delivers
Image by afagen via Flickr

The Amazin’ Mets find another Amazin’ way to lose a game. Oliver Perez pitched a great game, but from what I’ve seen of Ollie in the past he has about two or three games like this a season where he gets up and totally dominates a much better team while losing to the crappy ones. If you were one of those people who said Ollie would rise to the occasion and pitch a good game last night, you were right.

I have never seen this Ollie though. I have seen overpowering Ollie, I have seen completely nasty Ollie but I have never seen crafty Ollie. The curve-balls, sliders and off-speed stuff kept the Cardinals off balance all night. I have to admit I was glued to the TV watching this Ollie. Will he be back again this year?

After watching Ollie pitch I was thinking the bullpen has been good all season. Too good, in fact. Right now will be the biggest test of the bullpen so far this year. Of course, we all know what happens. Huge bullpen fail. To Jerry’s credit he’s doesn’t have much to go to in that bullpen. It’s pretty thin after Pedro Feliciano. Since Pedro was not available you have a bunch of guys with zero Major League experience. Who to choose?

Maybe they pitch well when they are on the wrong end of a losing score. Maybe it’s because the bullpen is usually used in situations where they are already losing. No pressure situations. In the big situations…. this bullpen isn’t going to cut it.

Ask them to hold a lead against one of the best teams in the league for a pitcher who only has 2-3 of these great games in him a year is asking a lot. It also shows the makeup of this bullpen and over the long season this bullpen is going to give us just as much agida as the starters.

The game was a lot closer than it should have been if only because the “Good” Ollie showed up. Ollie benefited from some really good defense behind him too. Pitching and defense will keep you in any game and I love a good pitching duel where players get a chance to show off their gloves.

Good pitching will do that. It will keep your defensive players alert. There is something about a well pitched game that makes everyone totally focused on the game, including fans. No one rushes home when they hear Albert Pujols has just hit two grand slams in game but we all rush to the TV when we hear a no-hitter is in progress.

On the other hand, Chris Carpenter was just a tad bit better last night and I was really surprised that Carpenter was hitting 94 with his fastball and Ollie was only hitting 90.

Crafty Ollie, make yourself at home. Bring nasty Ollie with you once in a while.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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