Video: Jose Reyes on Mets-Cardinals 20 Inning Game

There are a lot of reactions coming in from last night’s 20 inning marathon game. I’ll be getting those reactions up throughout the morning. Whenever Fox Sports has a Saturday game for the Mets, there’s always a lot of video to post.

Here’s some video from Jose Reyes after the game with Ken Rosenthal talking about the fatigue of playing in such a long game. He also asks if the Mets bench was talking about how they had to get some hits off the Cardinals position players that were pitching. It’s a good, short interview.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Video: Jose Reyes on Mets-Cardinals 20 Inning Game”

  1. Hi DaveI think this is the kind of game that will give the Mets confidence they desperately needed! The team as a whole really has good talent, they just needed a game like this to give them the momentum to start winning lots of games.Offensively and defensively they are fine, however I would strongly suggest to the Mets that they go out and find or trade for another starting pitcher to go with Santana and Pelfrey.If they can manage to do this, you are looking at a very good playoff team.


    1. Hi Joe, I agree. And I guess that put's both of us in the optimistic Mets fan category, a small minority. I generally like the position players too. But in the rotation, Maine and Niese are the only ones they can do anything with. Niese could always go back to Buffalo if he struggles and Maine could be designated for assignment if his struggles continue. But they're stuck with Ollie because of his contract. I was encouraged by Ollie's last start but we need to see that a lot more consistently.


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