Mets Cap Trade Day – May 21-23 2010

Flickr photo courtesy of Ed Yourdon

I am looking ahead to the next few home series and I noticed something very interesting. May 21st – 23 the Yankees are in town. The Mets have some king of weird promotion called Mets cap trade day but the day is for the entire series. The first 5,000 fans at these three games will get a Mets cap. Being that it’s cap trade day are you supposed to trade in a Yankee cap for a Mets one?

If so, how many Yankee fans will be rushing to Citi Field for their free cap? How many Yankee fans will give up their Yankee caps for a Mets one? Will Yankee fans, proud fans of a team that are the defending World Series champions, expect to change allegiances because of a free Mets cap?

Promotion Fail. The person who thought up this promotion should go before Omar or Jerry.

On top of that, after the Yankees series we get Round 2 of Mets/Phillies. The Mets will get a chance to redeem themselves in a ballpark you can’t bunt homers out of. Will the Mets step up this time or will we be calling for Omar and Jerry’s job by the end of the month?

Before we even get to those series we have to go through the Nationals, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Marlins. And next up at Citi Field, the Giants, who gave the Phillies plenty of trouble in their last series.

Should be an interesting month and will give the Mets plenty of time to get things right before the Yankees and Phillies come to town. But will they right the ship or will we be trading in our Mets caps in droves on Mets cap trade day?

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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