Mets Lineup Change Needed

MLB: Cubs vs Mets APR 22 the pregame show tonight, current Met commentator Keith Hernandez analyzed the most potent lineup that a team can send out on the field 162 games a year.

Long story short, he said the first two batters should be high OBP guys, the third should be a solid line drive hitter, the fourth should be your “big bopper”, and 5-7 should be your RBI guys.

Based on those facts, the lineup I created:
Jose Reyes
David Wright
Angel Pagan
Jason Bay
Ike Davis
Jeff Francoeur
Rod Barajas
Luis Castillo

Wright’s OBP is .408 right now, and you’d have to assume Reyes’ OBP would go up if he’s put back in the leadoff spot. Pagan is a great line drive hitter, Bay has the most HR potential (key word: potential), while Barajas, Davis, and Francoeur can all drive in runs when they’re not slumping.

Obviously, there are some questions with this lineup. Will Wright’s tendency to strike out way too much hurt in the number two hole? Can Angel Pagan be productive enough in the number three hole? Lots of things to figure out, but it has to be better than what’s going on right now… right?

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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