Mets Road Trip Review – May 13-20, 2010

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As painful as it was… it is over. Finally, at last, about time, whatever phrase you want to use. This road trip has finally come to a screeching halt (on a semi-positive note) but nowhere near the results I (and most likely you) expected.

Thursday, May 13th: Mets 1, Marlins 2
Friday, May 14th: Mets 2, Marlins 7
Saturday, May 15th: Mets 5, Marlins 7
Sunday, May 16th: Mets 8, Marlins 10
Monday, May 17th: Mets 3, Braves 2
Tuesday, May 18th: Mets 2, Braves 3
Wednesday, May 19th: Mets 3, Nationals 5
Thursday, May 20th: Mets 10, Nationals 7

Predicted Road Trip Record: 4-4

Actual Road Trip Record: 2-6

Let’s see, on this road trip, the Mets lost two (possibly three, depending on John Maine’s status) starting pitchers in Jon Niese and Oliver Perez, had an unreliable bullpen, and an offense that was stagnant most nights, save for Sunday and last night.

David Wright had an awful road trip (4-for-27) and struck out eleven times in those 27 at-bats. Yet somehow, he’s on pace to hit 31 HR and 118 RBI, which would be the second best offensive year of his career (2008 he hit 33 HR and drove in 124 RBI). But, he’s also on pace to strike out 216 times. His current career-high strikeout total is 140 attained last year.

Game To Remember: The first game against the Braves, where K-Rod shut the door in the 9th, after Mike Pelfrey delivered a brilliant performance to halt the five game losing skid.

Game You Won’t Want To Remember: The second game of this road trip (Perez’s implosion). It’s what has started this downward spiral in our starting rotation.

The Mets are 6-14 on the road so far this season, good for worst in the National League and second worst in the majors.

I wish I could explain why the Mets are so terrible on the road. Usually, the Mets would do decent on the road away from all of the immense pressure they face from the fans at home. This year, it’s like they thrive under that pressure. That could be a good thing, but no teams win championships with .300 road winning percentages.

All the Mets can wish for right now is to have an Amazin’ homestand, and then worry about the road when it comes up on the schedule again next week.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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