Mets 2010 Team MVP- First 50 Games

New York Mets Angel Pagan hits a home run in the eighth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at Citi Field in New York New York Metropolitans 2010 season is now 50 games old and they have a 25-25 record alongside their name in the standings.

Some Met fans have been disappointed. A .500 record in 50 games just isn’t going to beat the Philadelphia Phillies.

Some Met fans are optimistic. The team has had their struggles and they have some chinks in their armor. Oliver Perez, Mike Jacobs, Gary Matthews Jr, and Jeff Francouer haven’t really turned out like they were supposed to. Injuries to John Maine, Jon Niese, Ryota Igarashi and Carlos Beltran have hurt the Mets this season.

So when looking for a team MVP this season it was really tough to find on. Offensively, the Mets have been struggling. David Wright and Jose Reyes struggled for the first 50 games, although it appears Reyes is climbing out of a slump. Jeff Francouer has struggled as well. Luis Castillo has been banged up and Ike Davis has only played in 36 of those 50 games. Jason Bay got off to a rough start and made a bid for MVP but fell short. Johan Santana has been outstanding, along with Mike Pelfrey but they only play once a week. The bullpen has been good, but again they don’t pitch every day. So I came to a surprising conclusion.

My MVP of the first 50 games is Angel Pagan.

This might sound crazy to some people but look at the plain facts. Pagan has helped the Mets in so many ways. His defense has seemed to been picked up since Beltran’s absence and his base running blunders of a year ago seem like ancient history.

Pagan has won the center field job over the ineffective Gary Matthews Jr, who was traded for by the front office because they thought Pagan wouldn’t do well as a full-time center fielder.

Pagan has proven the front office wrong.

For the year Pagan is batting a surprising .289 and he was a very valuable leadoff man for the first part of the year. He batted .286 as a leadoff batter and since moving to the six hole behind David Wright, Pagan is batting a whopping .344.

His 8 steals rank him second on the team and his clutch hitting is the best on the team. Pagan is hitting an astounding .361 with Runners In Scoring Position this season. His average with men on base is .321.

And here is an even more interesting stat about Pagan. When the game in the 7th inning or later and the Mets are tied, ahead by one or down by one, Pagan is hitting .407. That leads the ballclub.

The MVP is the Most Valuable Player. With Carlos Beltran on the DL, center field was a question mark coming into the season. Angel Pagan has been very valuable in that role and has impressed many by doing so!

Keep up the good work Angel and congratulations!

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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