Mets Have a Real Shot at Last Place

The Mets Could Win the Anti-Pennant Race…

After reading Yahoo Sports this afternoon, I wasn’t surprised to come across an article reporting that the Mets had a real shot at finishing up in last place. To me it seems for the last 4 years they have always had a shot at finishing up in last place. Coming into Spring Training I thought this looked like a last place team and now they may actually be that team.

Will they rise to the occasion this year and stay out of last, giving us hope for the future? Or will they wither from the dog days of summer and end up in last, right where I predicted they would be…?

Only time will tell but the Mets, Nationals, and Marlins are all within 2 games of each other.  So, for the next 6 weeks there’s sort of an anti-pennant race we can all watch. The race to the cellar!

The Mets schedule for the rest of August is brutal. Milwaukee, Phillies, and then Atlanta. Then they’ll finish off with a strange series against the Marlins.

5 Game Series with Florida

The Mets have an interesting 5 game series with Florida coming up the end of this month. They then go on to play the Nationals and Marlins on the road.

They still have series against Atlanta, the Phillies, St. Louis and Cincinnati in September too. These will all be tough series to take. They have 12 games away and 14 games at home. This year home field advantage has not been an advantage at all.

It’s very possible they continue to play sub .500 ball while all the teams in a Pennant race beat them up.

Here’s a summary of the Mets Schedule for August and September:
  • August
    • 9 home games – Mil, Atl, Fl
    •  3 away games – Phi
    • 9 games against contenders – Mil, Atl, Phi
    • 3 against non-contenders – Fl

Can they come away with a 4-8 record???

  • September 
    • 14 Home Games – Chi, Nats, Phils, Cin
    • 12 Away Games – Nats, Fl, Atl, STL
    • 12 games against contenders – Atl, STL, Phi
    • 14 games against non-contenders – Nats, FL, Chi, Cin

Can they come away 10 and 16?

This would give the Mets a final record of 74-87. A .456 winning percentage. Could be good enough for last…
Washington’s Schedule Doesn’t Look Bad at All, at Least for September

The Nationals end up playing the Astros, Dodgers and Mets a lot in September. Their August Schedule looks tough. They have to play the Phillies, Arizona and Atlanta but after that, September should be a little breather for them. They play the Dodgers, Astros, Mets and Florida for most of the month.

I expect their winning percentage to be a little better than what it is now, .488.

The Marlin’s Schedule May Be Trouble

The Marlins have a little tougher schedule than the Nationals for September but they do get to play the Mets, Pittsburgh and Washington for 12 games out of the month while also playing contenders for 12 games in the month.

If they split their series they could end up at with their winning percentage right around where it is now, .463.

Isn’t This Disappointing?

If the Mets end up in last place this will be a huge disappointment for me. It may be the only reason I watch the team for the rest of the year, to see if they end up in last. I picked them to be in last but, after an inspired run of playoff type baseball just before the trading deadline, I was really hoping for something more.

Maybe they’ll surprise me in the last 6 weeks. Maybe Terry Collins will breathe some fire back into them. I hope I’m wrong but this team may be destined for last…

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Mets Have a Real Shot at Last Place”

    1. Thanks Dan, my mistake, I was working off info from the MLB iPhone app's August schedule. That explains why September's schedule looks like they're all away except for the Sept 1st game.


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