Mets Trade Carlos Beltran to Giants

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The Mets finally pulled the trigger today on a Carlos Beltran trade. For those of us holding tickets for a game in 2011, we just lost out big time as the Mets threw in the towel on the rest of the season. There’s not much reason to go to Citi Field or watch on TV anymore this season for the casual fan. We’ll check in with you in February for spring training. Only the hardcore fans will remain and it seems like there’s getting to be fewer and fewer of us left.

I don’t blame the Mets or Sandy Alderson for making the deal. They got Zack Wheeler from the Giants a single-A pitcher that was taken sixth overall in 2009 and top 40 prospect. That’s not a bad haul for an aging star with two months left on his contract and a clause that doesn’t allow the team to offer salary arbitration.

My point is now that the Mets have traded their closer and their starting right fielder there’s nothing to really look forward to this season from the Mets. It’s too bad that the Mets haven’t been able to get themselves into contention like the Giants, Phillies, Braves, etc. I wish the Mets were looking to add pieces for a playoff run. It’s incredibly disappointing for a team with one of the highest payrolls in baseball.

Video: Mets Weekly Report – Carlos Beltran and Trades

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This week I talk to Kerel Cooper from On The Black about the upcoming non-waiver trading deadline. The deadline is next Sunday at 4pm and there are several Mets that are being mentioned pretty heavily in trade rumors.

Of course, nobody in baseball is being talked about more heavily in trade rumors than Carlos Beltran. There are several teams tied to Beltran including the Phillies, Braves, Giants, Rangers, and Red Sox.

In this week’s video we talk about some of the other Mets that could be traded this week. And we talk about whether we think the Mets front office will completely break down the team in a “fire sale”. Check out the video below.

Video: Rosenthal on Carlos Beltran Trade Market

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The Mets did a job on the Phillies yesterday during the Fox game of the week. Of course, Ken Rosenthal from Fox Sports had his say on the Mets trade market. Everything seems to be focusing on Carlos Beltran right now. In the video below, Rosenthal says that Beltran won’t be with the Mets for much longer and that the Mets are willing to pick up the majority of his $6M salary that’s left this season to get top prospects back.

Rosenthal says that the Giants, Indians, Tigers, Red Sox, and Phillies have interest in Beltran. We’ve heard before that Beltran may be willing to waive his full no-trade clause to go to a contender. He even met with Scott Boras last week when the Mets were in LA to talk about trade scenarios.

At this point, the Mets are 11 games behind the Phillies for the division and 7.5 games behind the Braves for the wild card. And there are four teams ahead of them for the wild card. Playoff chances are fairly unlikely so it would make sense, if the Mets can’t close ground on the Braves in the next week and a half, to trade Beltran and raise the white flag on the 2011 season. on FOX: Trade rumblings

Mets Trade K-Rod to Brewers

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We’ve been speculating about it for months and it finally happened. The Mets were able to find a team to dump trade K-Rod to. He was quickly closing in on his $17.5 million vesting option for 2012 if he finished 55 games this season. The Mets couldn’t take a chance that the option would vest and they would be stuck with K-Rod at that price next season.

We also have to assume that the Brewers were not on K-Rod’s 10 team no trade list in his contract. The Brewers, in all likelihood, won’t use K-Rod to close games and chance that option vesting.

The Mets included cash ($5 million) in the deal to help defray K-Rod’s current $12 million salary for this season and the Mets will receive two players to be named later.

K-Rod spent two and a half years with the Mets but will be remembered for the ugly incident at Citi Field last year when he assaulted his girlfriend’s father in the stadium after a game. He was arrested and charged with assault and ended up suspended for the rest of the 2010 season.

I’m assuming that the Mets will use a closer by committee role for a while until someone in the bullpen establishes themselves. Most likely Bobby Parnell, Jason Isringhausen, and Pedro Beato will get a shot at closing.

This is also likely the start of a sale on high-priced players that the Mets will be doing over the next couple of weeks including Carlos Beltran and, possibly, Jose Reyes.

Video: Mets may Trade K-Rod to the Yankees

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Here’s some video from Ken Rosethal of Fox Sports. In his weekly video review of the trade rumors around the league, he leads with a rumor about K-Rod to the Yankees. The Yankees are concerned that Mariano Rivera’s triceps injury is more serious than has been publicized and that Rafael Soriano won’t be able to come back from elbow problems after the All-Star break.

Rosenthal says that the Mets have already called the Yankees to gauge their interest in K-Rod. But the Yankees aren’t currently interested in pulling the trigger on a deal. They want to wait until the deadline and would only be interested in a deal that returns next to nothing to the Mets.

K-Rod’s going to be a tough sell to any team because of his vesting option next season for $17.5 million. reported yesterday that K-Rod agreed to leave his agent Paul Kinzer and hired Scott Boras after meeting with Boras while the team was in LA this week.

The Mets have to dump K-Rod on somebody this season. But they don’t have to do it before the non-waiver trading deadline in July. K-Rod would certainly get through waivers in August, so they could do a trade then to move K-Rod somewhere else. But the closer K-Rod gets to finishing 55 games this season and vesting his option for next year, the more difficult a trade will be.

Jose Reyes the Yankees and Mets Fans

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I had been reading up on the many different teams that Jose Reyes may be a good fit for joining in August and also in 2012. But the only one that got my interest was an article in the NY Daily News anointing Reyes the next Yankee shortstop.

So I’m thinking ahead to the worst case scenario and wondering what would happen here in NY if Reyes took over for Derek Jeter at shortstop either this year or next? It’s a logical “baseball” move but you could be damaging two franchises at the same time. This isn’t Darryl Strawberry or Dwight Gooden playing in the twilight of their careers being given one last shot by the Yankees. This is one of the best shortstops in the game, in his prime, crossing over to the dark side!

What Would Yankee Fans Think?

Yankee fans will not be happy if their beloved captain is benched in favor of Jose Reyes. Ok, Jose is clearly better right now but Jeter has meant so much more than Reyes ever will mean to the Mets in the last 10 years. At a very early age Jeter played with professionalism, class, and poise while keeping his head and his teammates heads in every game. It’s this discipline at an early age that allowed Jeter to be one of the greats of baseball who can show off 4 World Series rings. It’s this same discipline I wish Jose had.

At 28 years old and with only 10 weeks of prime Jose Reyes baseball to judge him by this year, Jose is clearly playing for a contract. He may be playing up the fact that he has finally matured but we won’t know until he plays at this level for a full year and not in a contract year.

Can the Yankees afford him? Yes, most definitely. Would they want him though? Yankee fans would murder Reyes for a typical Reyes boneheaded bobble or for watching the ball roll under his glove or even getting picked off of first base because he was working on seeing his reflection in one of his gold chains.

Yankee fans would boo him incessantly for every little mistake, he would never live down Jeter’s legacy, even if he won a ring or two and he would have to get a haircut. Odds are if the Yankees were to get Reyes it would do more harm than good with their fans but would that be enough to stop them from pulling the trigger on such a trade? Continue reading “Jose Reyes the Yankees and Mets Fans”

Mets Trading David Wright Not Jose Reyes?

David Wright
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David Wright Traded?

This weeks rumors that David Wright could be traded instead of Jose Reyes came as a little shock to me. David Wright has been the face of the franchise and has endured years of being in the media spotlight under some of the worst conditions imaginable because no one else could deal with the media. This alone makes him the natural leader of the club. Not to mention David also has better numbers and a better work ethic than Reyes. But let’s mention them anyway.

Here are your numbers…