Preview: Mets at Braves August 3, 2010

New York Mets (53-53) at Atlanta Braves (60-45) 7:10pm

R.A. Dickey (7-4 2.32) vs Derek Lowe (10-9 4.58)

TV: SNY  Radio: WFAN

What to watch: It’s a sad state of affairs when the Mets need to rely on Dickey to be the stopper, but that’s where we are. He hasn’t given up a run in his last two starts. Fortunately, Lowe has been giving up runs and games at an alarming rate recently. He’s given up 11 runs in his last three starts.

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Preview: Braves at Mets July 11, 2010

Atlanta Braves (52-35) at New York Mets (47-40) 1:10 pm

Derek Lowe (9-7 4.40) vs Johan Santana (6-5 3.15)

TV: WPIX   Radio: WFAN

What to watch: The Mets try to avoid the sweep this afternoon. The good news is that the Braves have lost the last three games that Lowe started. Although, he really didn’t pitch that poorly in those games. Lowe is 3-4 with a 7.01 ERA in his career against the Mets over 8 starts. More good news is that Santana threw one of his best games as a Met in his last start, a complete game shutout against the Reds.

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New York Mets News Top Stories April 9, 2009

oliver-perezAs we recover from the flashbacks of last year’s bullpen this morning, the Mets are preparing for a morning game in Cincinnati. You can read my game preview here. Who knows what to expect from Oliver Perez today? The funny thing about Perez is that he’ll probably be the first pitcher in Mets history to throw a no-hitter. And then in his next start he won’t get out of the first inning against the Pirates.

Onto today’s top stories:

Maury Brown at The Biz of Baseball has a great post about the blackout rules that MLB has for their Extra Innings package and MLB.TV. Make sure you read it if you’re planning to buy one of those. Here in Connecticut I get blacked out from seeing the Mets, Yankees, and Red Sox.

Ken Belson at The New York Times writes a nice piece on how the Mets have increased their ticket prices over last season despite the bad economy. He goes into good detail about the tiered packages that the Mets use. Not surprisingly, he writes about how the Mets keep making a higher percentage of the games in the most expensive tiers.

Jim Baumcach at Newsday writes a good column about how Citi Field seems to be embrace the Dodgers and Giants history without giving a complete picture of Mets history. Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry aren’t reprensented in the new stadium.

Marty Noble at writes that Billy Wagner plans to be in Port St. Lucie next week to throw off the mound. He’s recovering from surgery to repair a ligament and muscle in his left arm. Wagner says he plans to be back with the Mets by this August. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. I don’t think that the Mets want him back this season. But the thought of having three legitimate closers in the Mets bullpen at the end of this season is exciting for us fans.

Tino Evangelou at Mets Geek has a good post comparing Oliver Perez to Derek Lowe. We’ll be making this comparison for the foreseeable future and Perez won’t stack up very well most likely.

Marty Noble at writes that Jerry Manuel may use Gary Sheffield in the outfield against the Marlins on Sunday. Everyone is waiting to see Sheff right now. I’d like to see him worked into a pinch-hitting appearance within the next couple of days.

The Mets are auctioning off some of their higher end price tier seats for opening day. Its not a good sign when you have to resort to this type of gimmick to sell opening day seats in a new stadium. We’ll have to keep an eye on ticket sales as the season progresses.

Bernie Madoff’s Mets tickets are for sale on eBay. This isn’t a joke.

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Mets Top Stories- 4.6.09

I’m sure, like me, that many of you watched Derek Lowe and the Braves put the hammer down on the Phillies. Lowe threw eight shutout innings of 2-hit ball. Of course, the dreaded comparisons of Lowe and Oliver Perez are coming out already. Why didn’t the Mets sign Lowe instead of Perez? We already know why. Perez is nine years younger and costs $24 million less than Lowe.

Onto the top stories of the morning:

CBS Sports has a good recap of the opening night game the Phillies and Braves put on last night. Of course, Derek Lowe was masterful and Jordan Schafer hit a homer in his first major league at-bat. Who says kids shouldn’t do HGH?

Kevin McCarthy of Metsopolis writes a preview of the Reds-Mets series starting the season in Cincinnati.

Mets Prospect Hub posts the opening day roster for the 2009 Binghamton Mets.

Ben Shipgel of the New York Times writes about Johan Santana‘s increased comfort level with the Mets this season. He’s become more of a vocal leader with the departure of Pedro Martinez and is fitting in well in the locker room.

Sarah Green from Ump Bump has a good photo essay of her day at Citi Field on Saturday.

Darren Rovell of CNBC writes that the Citigroup executives will be conspicuously absent on opening day at Citi Field. They won’t be throwing out the first pitch as you would have expected a year ago. If they’re at the game at all, they’ll be hiding in their luxury boxes.

Mike Steffanos of Mike’s Mets writes the first part of his Key to the Mets for 2009 series. At the top of the list is the fact that the honeymoon is over for Jerry Manuel.

Braves Sign Derek Lowe; Mets Moving On

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 04:  Derek Lowe #23 of the ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The Atlanta Braves went where the Mets wouldn’t, four years for Derek Lowe. Multiple media reports have the Braves agreeing to a deal with Lowe for 4-years/$60 million. That’s way beyond the Mets reported offer of 3-years/$36 million so I have to assume there were other teams bidding for the Braves to go that high.

The Mets are left to work on Oliver Perez, Randy Wolf, and Ben Sheets. I don’t mind seeing Lowe sign somewhere else, I just wish it wasn’t in the Mets division.

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Hot Stove: Lowe And Martinez News

Los Angeles…

Photo by /Newscom

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Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago…

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Derek Lowe pumps his fist after getting the last out of the sixth inning during game 1 in their National League Divisional Series against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field in Chicago on October 1, 2008. (UPI Photo/Mark Cowan) Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

Photo by /Newscom

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There are a couple of minor stories out there now in the hot stove world. I try to keep these updated as much as possible but so many of these stories never pan out to mean anything. So I pick and choose the most logical stories to post here.

First, Pedro Martinez’ agent is talking to the Marlins this week according to Enrique Rojas of ESPNdeportes. That would be a great fit for both parties. Pedro would put some badly needed fannies in the seats in Florida. And Pedro could help the younger pitchers on the Marlins’ staff. He’s always been good about that, which isn’t always the case with veteran players.

Second, the Atlanta Braves are in serious talks with Scott Boras about Derek Lowe. Although it would be tough to see Lowe go to a division rival, the Braves need to do something after losing John Smoltz to the Red Sox this week. I’ll be shocked if the Braves offer Lowe a fourth year in his contract when the Mets wouldn’t go there. Other than that, Lowe is a good fit for the Braves. And there’s been talk that Chipper Jones called Lowe with a sales pitch for the Braves this week.

The Mets could always move on to Oliver Perez or Randy Wolf if they lose Lowe to the Braves. I’d be more comfortable if Lowe went to another division or the American League but that’s out of the Mets control.

Scott Boras To Meet With Mets

Super-agent Scott Boras is in New York this week for the introduction of Mark Teixeira with the New York Yankees. While he’s here he’ll stop by to meet with Mets executives to talk about Derek Lowe and Oliver Perez.

The meeting is set to take place on Wednesday. We’ve heard news about the potential deal with Lowe for weeks now. So I won’t go on about it here. I do expect something to happen this week though. Whether Lowe strikes a deal with the Mets or moves on to greener pastures elsewhere should be decided very soon.