Mets’ Oliver Perez Not Going Anywhere

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 28:  Starting pitcher #46...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The continuing Oliver Perez saga has taken a few turns but the result has been the same. Perez isn’t accepting a demotion to the minors. He isn’t going to Florida to see a sports psychologist and he wants to know who the anonymous teammates are that told the media that he should go.

He told Fanhouse that he’s staying to work through his problems with Dan Warthen and Randy Niemann. He has to start prepping himself to pitch in New York again and that could get really ugly. There’s been a lot of talk about booing home players over the past couple of years. This one could be off the charts though.

Check out what Perez had to say when asked about the teammates that told the media that he should go.

Audio- Oliver Perez

The fans and the media are calling loudly for him to go including the Times drawing a comparison to Dontrelle Willis and the Daily News as well. But none of that could compare to the barrage of boo’s he’ll get the next time he pitches at Citi Field.