Mets 4 – Braves 3 June 14, 2011

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 24:  Jon Niese #...
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The Mets got another good start from Jon Niese. He went 6.1 innings and allowed 2 runs. He was really on with 4 strikeouts, no walks, and allowing only 5 hits. He did it with Phil Cuzzi behind the plate too who had a ridiculously small strike zone. The bullpen was solid except for Jason Isringhausen allowing a solo homer to Dan Uggla. Other than that they worked pretty clean.

The Mets offense jumped on Jair Jurrgens early surprisingly. Jurrgens was having trouble with the Cuzzi strike zone and looked rattled when he gave up a run in the top of the first. As usual, it was a monster game for Jose Reyes. He went 3 for 5 with 2 runs, 1 RBI, and 2 stolen bases. These huge games are starting to become a daily occurrence. It’s really incredible to watch.

The Mets take the first game of the three game series.

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Braves 6 – Mets 3 June 3, 2011

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 24:  Jon Niese #...
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The Mets got a great start from Jon Niese and the bullpen blew the game at the end again. It’s been happening for a week now. The bullpen just can’t hold a lead. Niese was fantastic going 7.2 innings and allowing 2 runs. He had that big curve ball working well and left with a 3-2 lead. Jason Isringhausen was victimized by a critical error by Jose Reyes allowing an easy grounder to go right under his glove.

K-Rod got crushed in the ninth inning (but got another game finished toward his vesting option). He gave up 3 hits and a 1 walk in the inning to allow 3 runs. It was a complete disaster of an inning. But K-Rod has been really good this year so it’s hard to fault him for one bad game.

The Mets offense was decent with 9 hits and 1 walk in the game but they left 5 runners on base. Reyes had his 9th triple of the season and had 2 hits in the game.

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What Most Fans are Really Paying Attention to this Weekend

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Amidst heavy financial burdens, trade rumors, the aftermath of a messy divorce, and an impressive, yet flawed hit streak, there is actually baseball being played in Queens this weekend between the Mets and the Dodgers.

Much like the Mets, the Dodgers are an under-achieving team in flux at the moment. They have a new manager, are struggling to play .500 baseball, and are faced with the possibility of MLB seizing control of the organization at the end of May when owner Frank McCourt fails to submit the payroll. Although the Mets’ financial situation may not be as desperate as the Dodgers’ at the moment, these two franchises seem to be mirroring each other from the left to right coast.

Despite the off-field issues of each franchise, the attention of both teams fan bases, baseball wise, lie in two individual stories. For Met fans, the electrifying play of Jose Reyes is one of the few highlights of the young season thus far. However, his play has been overshadowed by his looming trade prospects. For Dodger fans, Andre Ethier’s 30 game hit streak has enamored despite the team’s lackluster play as of late. In the eyes of many fans outside of L.A., Ethier’s feat up to this point may not seem as arduous considering he took a day off on Thursday, something Joe DiMaggio never did during his 56 game hit streak. Continue reading “What Most Fans are Really Paying Attention to this Weekend”

Mets 4 – D-Backs 1 April 22, 2011

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The Mets won their second game in a row behind a really strong start by Mike Pelfrey. Pelf went 7 innings allowing 1 run and lowering his ERA by 2.5 runs. He looked like the Pelf when he was going strong last season, his sinker was working for strikes and he mixed in a couple of curveballs for strikes too. It’s a shame that he hasn’t been able to be more consistent when you see him pitch like he did tonight.

The Mets couldn’t get much going offensively against Joe Saunders managing only 2 hits off him. They finally got on the board when the D-Backs bullpen took over and Ike Davis hit a 2-run homer. It was initially called a double off the center field wall. But Terry Collins asked for a review and got one. The instant replay clearly showed it was over the line of the wall for Davis’ second homer in two days.

The Mets put up some insurance runs in the eighth as the D-Backs kicked the ball around. And Jason Isringhausen and K-Rod locked down the late innings. This game was just how Collins would have drawn it up. I hope they can keep the good vibes going.

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Mets Bullpen Problem: More than Just Pitching

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There is no doubt that Terry Collins and the New York Mets staff have slim pickings when it comes to the bullpen. There are a few young guys, a few guys who have struggled, and two veterans who don’t pitch because the Mets never have the lead in the 8th or the 9th.

However, the bullpen problem isn’t just the pitchers themselves. Management and the staff deserve some of the blame too.

Can anyone tell me why Terry Collins hasn’t used Pedro Beato in a big spot yet? He continues to pitch Bobby Parnell who is giving up hit after hit (.290 BAA). It’s ridiculous! Quit using the guy! He has had one good outing this entire season so far and other than that he has been terrible. What do you think will happen, one night he will find it?

Beato, on the other hand, has been the lone bright spot in the bullpen this year. The 24 year old has the second best WHIP (Walks and Hits per Innings Pitched) in the bullpen behind Jason Isringhausen. Yet, thanks to Collins, Met fans have to deal with Bobby Parnell stinking up the show every night. Continue reading “Mets Bullpen Problem: More than Just Pitching”