Mets Delgado May Go On Disabled List

Carlos Delgado, New York Mets
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Carlos Delgado missed another game last night due to his sore hip. The team has been reporting that it’s an issue he’ll have to deal with all season. But now we’re hearing that if it isn’t better in a few days that he might need to go on the 15-day DL.

Although Delgado has been hitting very well since last June, this won’t be a devastating loss to the team even if he’s out for an extended period of time. Fernando Tatis and Jeremy Reed can hold down first base for a while without a problem. Sure, they’ll lose some power but I like the way Tatis and Reed have been playing so far this season.

I’ve never been a big fan of Delgado’s anyway. I’ve made no secret of that here. He’s a one trick pony with power but really no other game. He’s terrible with the glove and inconsistent as a hitter. He’s the Mets best option right now at first base but I don’t expect him to be with the team after this season.

Mets Starting Pitching May Force Roster, Coaching Changes

Oliver PerezAfter the Mets humiliating defeat in St. Louis yesterday, manager Jerry Manuel spoke to the media about some possible changes to the roster in the near future. Manuel said that they’ll go one more time, as is, through the pitching rotation. If the starting pitchers, other than Johan Santana, can’t overcome their problems the Mets will make changes.

Manuel said that he would like to immediately add a 13th pitcher to the Mets roster. The logic being that the starters are pitching so few innings right now that it would keep the existing pitchers in the bullpen from getting burned out early in the season. Manuel admitted that he’s concerned about how many innings the bullpen is logging already.

Another issue is to figure out which position player will pay the price by losing a roster spot to add another pitcher. I suspect that Jeremy Reed is the most likely candidate. If it was up to me, I would option Daniel Murphy for reasons written before on this site that I won’t go into again.

Adam Rubin of the Daily News reports that the Mets are already considering making changes to the coaching staff. Rubin also notes that the Mets are considering optioning Mike Pelfrey or Oliver Perez to the minors. That would be quite a shake-up, moving the #2 or #3 starter to the minors!

Although some of these ideas sound desperate, I’m glad that they’re not just going with the status quo because it’s April. The Mets have a lot of seats left to sell and this team isn’t inspiring me to go out and buy more seats. That doesn’t even mention the fact that the last two seasons have been lost to one or two games, so they can’t just give games away even if it is only April.

Mets Daniel Murphy Experiment Should End Now

Daniel MurphyI like Daniel Murphy and I believe that he has the potential to be a solid, if not good, major league player for a long time. He’s a hard worker and a good guy that the Mets organization really likes. And I like that too.

Daniel Murphy is not a major league left fielder. It’s as simple as that. Even when he doesn’t get charged with an error, he has misplayed balls like the two last night in St. Louis.

The fact is that Murphy has a decent bat, but it isn’t good enough to carry his poor defense. He’s clearly playing out of position and I respect that he’s giving it his all. But the Mets need to end the embarrassment that Murphy is suffering on a daily basis in the field.

Murphy shouldn’t be learning on the job at the major league level. There are 24 other players on the team and millions of fans that need to get past the last two seasons of gut-wrenching loses. We can’t have our season hinge on his learning curve in the field. The Mets sub-.500 season thus far isn’t all his fault. I’m not saying that it is. But he’s the only one on the team that has no business being out on the field. You don’t have to be a major league scout or talent evaluator to know that.

The correct course of action is for the Mets to give Murphy time at Triple-A Buffalo to hone his outfield skills until he’s ready for this level of play, if he ever will be. And he may not ever be ready. But we shouldn’t have to find that out with the big club.

Option Murphy to Buffalo now and spare us the disappointment in him. The embarrassment that he’s been suffering over the last two weeks may even stunt his growth as a player. He has to know that he’s letting the rest  of the team down, not to mention the fans.

Cory Sullivan and Fernando Martinez are waiting in the wings at Buffalo. Gary Sheffield and Jeremy Reed appear to be capable outfielders right now. Maglio Ordonez and Matt Holliday will likely be available via trade before the deadline in July if things aren’t working out with the existing cast of characters. There are a lot of options here for the Mets. The Murphy experiment should end now for everyone’s benefit.

Mets Option Nick Evans To Triple-A

Nick Evans was optioned to Triple-A Buffalo today to make room on the roster for OF Gary Sheffield. The move doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. In fact, it never made sense to me to keep Evans on the big league roster if he wasn’t going to get significant playing time. The guy just turned 23 years old in January. What good does it do for him to sit on the bench?

Evans needs to be playing every day at Buffalo. The best thing the Mets can do for him is to prepare him to be an everyday player. Hopefully, next season Carlos Delgado will be gone and Evans can take over at first base. Keeping him on the roster as a pinch-hitter and part-time player isn’t in his best interest or the Mets.

The bigger issue will be what the Mets do next Saturday to get Livan Hernandez on the roster. Most likely, they’ll release Marlon Anderson and keep Jeremy Reed as a defensive replacement outfielder. That makes the most sense to me. An option they have is to move one of the relief pitchers off the roster though. Bobby Parnell still has options so they could send him to Buffalo. But I think they like him and believe that he can make a contribution this season. My guess is that Marlon Anderson is waived.

Tigers Release Gary Sheffield

Gary SheffieldGary Sheffield was released by the Detroit Tigers despite the fact that they owe him $14 million for the 2009 season. If he clears waivers (which he will) he can sign with any team for the MLB minimum of $400,000.

Sheffield can be a real pain if things aren’t going his way. But he can hit… with power. At 41 years old, he’s certainly in decline. But the Mets should give this situation some thought. They could really use a right-handed hitter with some power that could play the outfield corners. Jeremy Reed is currently the fifth outfielder behind the starters and Fernando Tatis.

If Sheffield is willing to take a bench role, and that’s not a given, the Mets should seriously consider replacing Jeremy Reed’s roster spot with a proven hitter like Sheffield.

Mets Get Putz From Mariners

The Mets traded for “closer” J.J. Putz from the Seattle Mariners. It took three teams to get the deal done with the breakdown looking like this:

Mets Get: RP J.J. Putz, RP Sean Green, OF Jeremy Reed

Mariners Get: RP Aaron Heilman, OF Franklin Gutierrez, OF Endy Chavez, and four minor leaguers from the Mets- Mike Carp, Jason Vargas, Ezequiel Carrera, and Maikel Cleto

Indians Get: RP Joe Smith, IF Luis Valbuena

Clearly, Putz is the big fish in this deal and he’s due to make $6 million this season with a club option for $8.6 million with a $1 million buyout.
Rosenthal: Putz packing for New York
Rosenthal: Putz packing for New York

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