2010 Mets – We Believe in Comebacks!

New York Mets Omar Minaya reacts while sitting upstairs in a game against the Colorado Rockies at Citi Field in New York City on July 30, 2009. The Mets defeated the Rockies 7-0. (UPI Photo/John Angelillo) Photo via Newscom

http://view.picapp.com//JavaScripts/OTIjs.jsDo you? Because I don’t buy it at all.

You can recycle that ad campaign for next year because it doesn’t look like the Mets will be coming back this year. The season is starting to slip away fast and this will be the third year in a row that the Mets, who again have one of the highest payrolls and the some of the best talent in the league, will just choke it all away.

On my very first article for the Mets Report I predicted that the Mets were no better than a 4th place team. The Mets are now ½ game out of fourth and it looks like my prediction may come true.

Despite the fact that I didn’t predict the wonderful additions of Ike Davis and Angel Pagan as true everyday players, which should have made them wild card contenders this year, I did get the feeling that with Omar Minaya in charge the Mets would make an early run and then drop out of the race yet again. Continue reading “2010 Mets – We Believe in Comebacks!”

Poll: Mets Firing Jerry Manuel?

Jerry Manuel
Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

The Mets are headed home from a 2-9 road trip that dropped them to one game over .500. They’re now 7.5 games behind the Braves and fell behind the Phillies to third place in the division. It’s not an insurmountable lead, but the offense has disappeared and the roster is pretty messy.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Mets fired Jerry Manuel tomorrow. I don’t hope he gets fired. He seems like a good, well-meaning guy. So I never like to see someone like that get fired.

Let’s face it though, it would be easy to fire Manuel on tomorrow’s off day. You can’t fire all the players so the manager will be the one to take the fall when things aren’t going well. We all know that. And the Mets have almost no commitment to Manuel left. He doesn’t have a contract for next year. The team would only have to pay him for two more months. There’s no financial constraint against letting him go right now.

What do you think? Will the Mets let him go now?

Will the Mets fire Jerry Manuel this week?survey software

Dodgers 1 – Mets 0 July 25, 2010

New York Mets starting pitcher R.A. Dickey (2nd R) speaks to manager Jerry Manuel (L) as Manuel takes him out of the game while catcher Josh Thole (2nd L) and first baseman Ike Davis look on during the sixth inning of their MLB National League baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Los Angeles, California July 25, 2010. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

http://view.picapp.com//JavaScripts/OTIjs.jsThe Mets had no offense again and go down in flames for the ninth time on this road trip. R.A. Dickey was pitching well into the sixth when he appeared to injure his leg on a fielding play in front of the plate. Jerry Manuel pulled him with two outs in the sixth and the two had words on the mound. He was pitching masterfully only allowing 2 hits, no runs, no walks, and had 6 strikeouts.

The Mets offense was weak again with only 7 hits and 1 walk. Luis Castillo had 2 hits in the game and the Mets had 3 doubles but Clayton Kershaw is a tough pitcher and the Mets offense has been dreadful. That’s a bad combination leading to the Mets getting shut out again.

Pedro Feliciano gave it up in the eighth inning on a Russell Martin double that scored Matt Kemp and that was the game.

The Mets head home from a 2-9 road trip and will certainly face some dissatisfied home fans.

Box score

D-Backs 4 – Mets 3 July 21, 2010

June 11, 2010: Jason Bay in action during the Baltimore Orioles 5-1 loss versus the New York Mets at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland.

http://view.picapp.com//JavaScripts/OTIjs.jsThe D-Backs finish off the sweep of the Mets in 14 innings. It was too late and I was too upset to write about it last night. I still am…

Oliver Perez made his return to the game from the disabled list. He registered 1.1 IP and didn’t allow a run. Although he did give up 1 hit and 2 walks. Typical.

Jerry Manuel held a short team meeting before the game. A lot of good that did. The Mets are now 1-6 on this road trip and really should be 0-7 if it wasn’t for a blown call by Phil Cuzzi. I’m completely disgusted.

Box score

Oliver Perez post-game

Jerry Manuel post-game

Video: Oliver Perez in Arizona

May 09, 2010 - Queens, NEW YORK, United States - epa02150562 New York Mets starting pitcher Oliver Perez firing a pitch to home plate to the San Francisco Giants in the first inning at Citi Field, in Queens, New York, USA, 09 May 2010.

http://view.picapp.com//JavaScripts/OTIjs.jsThe day we all feared is here. It looks like Oliver Perez will be activated from the disabled list today. Likely, Josh Thole will be sent down to Triple-A Buffalo but we’ll find out for sure later this afternoon.

Perez threw in the bullpen in front of Dan Warthen and Jerry Manuel yesterday. From their comments, they didn’t sound impressed. Manuel said that Perez will be the second lefty out of the bullpen and he’ll try to find spots to use him. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Perez’ return to the team.

I’m really disappointed to see Thole leave, if that’s what they decide to do. I understand that he has options and that’s a factor. But Rod Barajas certainly isn’t in the Mets long term plans. And there’s hardly anything left on his 1-year contract. They could easily release Barajas and go with Thole and Henry Blanco.


Mets Fans: Don’t Blame Jerry Manuel

May 21, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - JERRY MANUEL during the Mets vs Yankees at Citi Field in Flushing NY. The Yanks won 2-1.

http://view.picapp.com//JavaScripts/OTIjs.jsThe axe always falls on the manager. This is the way the world works and it comes with the territory. There are things that we can rightfully question Jerry about. There are, however, things that he has to do, despite what we’d like to see happen. These are some of those unavoidable scenarios we will have to brace for.

1. K-Rod is coming in

Deal with it folks. We are going to win or lose with K-Rod in the 9th. The Mets cannot reach the post season without a closer shutting the door in the last inning. Johan Santana pitched 8 amazing innings and everyone is fed up with him losing victories, but there is nothing Manuel can do. It is up to the Mets bullpen to clinch those wins for Santana and The Mets bats to give him run support. Johan, of all people, is off elbow surgery and is not getting any younger. We cannot expect him to throw complete games every time. K-Rod will also need to work through this mess. The only way to get your stride back is in the game. If Manuel starts displaying a lack of confidence in K-Rod the situation will not magically improve itself. Our bullpen is already a shaky one. The last thing we need is to start meddling around with other closer options.

2. Luis Castillo is going to play

Castillo has become a symbol of the troubles the Mets have faced the last few seasons. He has taken a lot of heat from fans because of his ridiculous contract and of course “the drop” in Yankee Stadium. Although he can be irritating at times, Castillo is our best option at second. He gets on base and knows how to work a pitcher. Manuel may dislike him more than any of us, but like K-Rod, we are stuck with this contract. For as much as young talent excites the fan base, Ruben Tejada has been over matched at the plate. He is simply not ready to hit at the major league level. Castillo’s skill set may be diminishing but he gives us the best chance to win. Continue reading “Mets Fans: Don’t Blame Jerry Manuel”

Video: Jose Reyes May Return Sunday

NEW YORK - JULY 10:  David Wright #5 of the Ne...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The Mets have been shut out by the Giants in two straight games. The offense has been almost non-existent and for the last two seasons we’ve been talking about how the Mets don’t click when Jose Reyes doesn’t play. He’s been out of the lineup since he left the game on July 10 against the Braves and missed the All-Star game.

Jerry Manuel explains to reporters below what they’re seeing from Reyes’ oblique injury and what he needs to do to return to the lineup. The Mets even called up Justin Turner and optioned Nick Evans to Buffalo to add some middle infield support in Reyes’ absence.

It’s getting a little tiring to hear day after day that he could return “tomorrow”. And tomorrow doesn’t seem to happen. Take Manuel’s words with a grain of salt in the video below.