Manny Acta Orders Haircut for Young

Washington Nationals manager and former Mets coach Manny Acta ordered Dmitri Young to get a haircut after their loss Thursday to the Mets. Young agreed to cut his hair in Miami and showed up sporting a new ‘do. Apparently, Young’s personal barber is in Miami. Acta cited team “structure” as the reason for the order.

I’ve never heard of anyone’s hair being a distraction to a team before. Young’s hair was pretty wild so I’m not surprised that Acta said something to him about it.

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SI’s Heyman On The Mets

Jon Heyman’s Daily Scoop column has tidbits of information from around the major leagues. I’ll give you the Mets related stuff below or you can read the full column here.

  • While Moises Alou may be as close as 10 days away for the Mets, that four-to-six week estimate for Pedro Martinez‘s hamstring appears to have been a very optimistic scenario.
  • Mets outfielder Angel Pagan (.381 so far) has earned more playing time with his superb start. Pagan, a favorite of the front office, could find himself in a four-man outfield rotation once Alou returns. Carlos Beltran would miss less time than the others, but Mets people appear to like the way Cleveland’s four-man rotation works.
  • Manny Acta is treated like returning royalty by some members of the Mets front office when he comes back to Shea as Nationals manager — a little awkward considering he’s managing the competition. Imagine how great they’d think he is if his team didn’t have the worst record in the league at 4-10 (tied with the Tigers).

Paul LoDuca Won’t Catch Prez

Source: WikipediaNews outlets are reporting the the Washington Nationals have chosen manager Manny Acta to catch the first ceremonial pitch from President Bush on Sunday night. Nationals team president Stan Kasten said the choice was between Acta and third baseman Ryan Zimmerman.

The obvious conspiracy theory is that because LoDuca was in the Mitchell Report that the Nationals didn’t want him doing the ceremonial pitch. My take is that they don’t want a journeyman catcher on a one year contract to do it. They want the face of their franchise out there. It’s as simple as that. I’m glad former Met coach Manny Acta gets the assignment. By all accounts he’s a great guy.