Post Game: Mets 7 Marlins 2

Johan Santana gets the win in his first start as a Met. Hopefully, that’s the first win of many.

The crowd was about 60-70% Mets fans. We had the “Let’s Go Mets” chant going for most of the game. As expected, Dolphin Stadium is much nicer than Shea. There were no traffic problems even though the crowd was over 38,000.

I wish I got to see the replay of Jose Reyes stealing second. It looked like he was safe from my angle.

I was surprised how many Johan Santana shirts have been sold already. There were a ton of them out today. I’ll have to try to find some jersey sales statistics. If you know where I can find that, let me know.

I got a lot of great pictures to post on this site. For starters, I’ll show you this one.

Johan Santana Warming Up

The Mets Report: Live From South Florida

I apologize for lagging on my posts today. I’m in south Florida for opening day 2008. It’s a thrill to be here for Day 1 of the run for the World Series. I’m catching up now on the news of the day including the roster moves. More on that later.

If you’re here in Miami for the game stop by the field level behind the Mets bullpen. I’ll be the one with the Mets standard hat (black with blue bill) and the black Johan Santana shirt. Oh wait, Dolphins Stadium should be filled with Mets fans! I’ll be one of many with Santana shirts.

Post Game: Mets 3 Orioles 4

Source: WikipediaEl Duque got the start today and went five innings giving up 4 hits and one earned run. Mike Pelfrey finished the game going 3.2 innings giving up 6 hits and 3 earned runs. I guess Omar Minaya was right… if El Duque is healthy then he should get the fifth spot in the rotation. See the full game recap and box score here.

Baseball Predictions Galore!

It seems like every baseball column that I’m reading today is filled with fearless prognostications. Personally, I think it’s silly so I’m not going to get into it. Predicting a team’s record after 162 game season?

You may say “Hey, you’ve linked to columns and videos with season predictions!”. Why? I’ve added a few links to prediction columns but I’ve been selective about it. I only link to my favorite columnists. I only add links to the writers that usually “get it right”.

I will say this: I’ll be moderately surprised if the Mets don’t win the East. The Phillies are pretty good, but not that good. Everyone else in the division looks like a sub-.500 team to me. It’s amazing how many people are picking the Braves to win the division or more this year!

Anyway, the reason for this post is that I found a good prediction column on Yahoo. It encompasses all of their baseball columnists at once. That’s the way to do it. Nice photo of Johan Santana in the column too.

Countdown To The Final Roster

We’re nearing the deadline for the Mets to decide who will make the last few bubble spots on the team. It looks like Angel Pagan will be in the outfield and Brady Clark will be left off the major league roster.

Ben Shipgel of The New York Times gives his take on what the roster will look like. I think he’s pretty accurate. As I said in an earlier post, keeping Fernando Tatis really doesn’t make sense to me at all.  If Ramon Castro’s hamstring isn’t ready than Raul Casanova will get the backup catcher spot until Castro is ready.

I think Shipgel is right that Brady Clark won’t make the team either. Angel Pagan has just been too hot offensively to leave him off the roster.

Tomorrow’s game in Ft. Lauderdale may very well decide if Mike Pelfrey or Orlando Hernandez gets the fifth starter spot. It’s too bad that it has to come down to one game but neither pitcher has clearly established himself.