Mets 2011 Management Strategy – “Integr-ious-ness is a Priority”

Yer Out!So no “official” announcement has been made by the Mets as to if and when the Manager and General Manager will be fired.

But… when you wake up to the NYPost reporting the story that both will be fired on Monday then it must be true. Right?

The general feeling is these firings are long overdue and needed to bring back some integr-iousness to the Mets.

If this were you or I, there’s usually some protocol as to when you would be told about your fate. For example, if you were doing a great job but unfortunately had to be laid off you would be given anywhere from 14 – 90 days advance notice. Maybe even more if you’re lucky. The employee could then use the time to transition to a new role or just come up with a reason to leave.

Good reasons are, “I would like to explore new opportunities“, “I would like to take care of my sick grandmother“,  “I would like to spend more time enjoying my vineyard“, “I would like to er, ah, uh do something uhh like integr-ious like“… something that says I’m happily moving on.

If you were being fired for performance reasons, management would wait for the very last minute and ask the employee to pack up and leave immediately.

File these terminations under the latter. Of course, nothing is official yet. These are all just assumptions. Right?

What are 2011 Mets Biggest Needs?

July 10, 2010 - Flushing, N.Y, United States of America - 10 July, 2010: New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis. New York Mets begin to look toward the off-season. There are injuries mounting and disappointments all around. We can only imagine what it must feel like to continue going to work knowing that it means nothing. How can they even pretend to act excited or even mildly interested in the game? Players must be looking at each other wondering who will be with the team next year and who won’t. And so begins the long, slow, excruciatingly painful, end to the season.

Mets fans will now be exposed to some of the young players in the farm system. I do not want to use the term “talent” because I have very little respect for the Mets farm system. We will begin to see players you have never heard of and might never hear of again. There will be a glut of pitching changes throughout the games to allow the youngsters some “in-game experience,” and we will slowly start thinking about football season again.

So what will the Mets do to fix this awful run of disappointing seasons? Well, we can all assume there will be a high priced player or two joining the club. There will be lots of promises of young talent and mending limbs. There will be whispers of big moves and possible trades that will never happen. There will be high hopes and a frenzied fan base waiting for that one miracle season. Continue reading “What are 2011 Mets Biggest Needs?”

Poll: Are the Mets in the 2010 Playoff Race?

July 22, 2010 - Los Angeles, California, United States of America - 22 July 2010: Mets general manager Omar Minaya prior to the New York Mets facing the Los Angeles Dodgers, 7-5, at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Minaya thinks the Mets are still in the NL playoff hunt. Do you? That’s the question.

The reality is that they’re currently 10 games behind the Braves in the NL East and 7.5 games behind the Giants for the Wild Card. There are only 35 games left and there are six teams ahead of them for the Wild Card.

It would appear to require a miracle for the Mets to make the playoffs. I sure don’t think it’s happening. But Minaya thinks it might.

“Guys, we’re still in the hunt,” the GM said. “We’re seven games out of the wild card and we’re still in August. You want to win games.”

Vote in the poll below and let me know what you think.

Are the Mets still in the 2010 playoff race?customer surveys

Mets Cannot Rely on Dickey in 2011

New York Mets starting pitcher R.A. Dickey reacts after he threw a one-hit shutout to beat the Philadelphia Phillies in their MLB National League baseball game in New York August 13, 2010. REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)’m not going to lie.  I mercilessly mocked the New York Mets for signing R.A. Dickey in the offseason.  To be honest, I was frustrated.  Other teams were out signing pitchers like John Lackey (Red Sox), or trading for others such as Cliff Lee (Mariners), and I was stuck having to deal with the Mets settling for a 35-year-old knuckleballer who had never seen any extended success in the Major Leagues.

Hell, he wasn’t even supposed to be on the Mets 25-man roster, which got me even more ticked off.  Why are we trying to support our Binghamton/Buffalo starting rotations, when our major league rotation is in this type of shape?

Well, Dickey’s 2010 performance has shut me, and likely lots of other ignoramuses similar to myself, right up.  He’s gone 8-5, with an outstanding 2.43 ERA.  Hitters have rarely, if ever, looked comfortable against Dickey’s knuckleball, which he mixes in with a fastball. has Dickey throwing his knuckleball 83.7 percent of the time, with his fastball coming just 16.3 percent of the time he throws a pitch. Dickey’s got a good thing going with his knuckler, he knows it, and he’s taking advantage of it. Continue reading “Mets Cannot Rely on Dickey in 2011”

Video: Minaya on K-Rod Return

Francisco Rodriguez is scheduled to return from his two game suspension today for beating his girlfriend’s father at Citi Field. He’ll address the media today and, presumably, apologize for his actions.

Here’s video of Omar Minaya talking about the incident and Rodriguez’ return.

John Fitzgerald on “Playing For Peanuts”, Wally Backman, and the Mets

Manager of the Brooklyn Cyclones Wally Backman gets vocal during a game on July 31, 2010 in Brooklyn, NY (Photo by Jack Shea / Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom Backman has become a hot name amongst the fans and the media. As the 2010 Mets ship continues to sink, fans are scrambling looking for something to hold on to. The life raft for some has become the former second baseman of the 1986 club. Wally Backman has been linked as a potential candidate for the 2011 Mets. He is currently at the helm of the Brooklyn Cyclones who are winning and playing exciting baseball.

Wally has not been a stranger to the press, but much about the man is told in anecdote. To get a closer look at Wally, I spoke with John Fitzgerald, the man behind the much talked about  “Playing for Peanuts” series. Before he began his project on the South Georgia Peanuts, John was a production assistant for several motion pictures. He then took on a project in Ireland about the Irish National Baseball team. There he filmed and worked amongst players who were sacrificing for the love of the game. In continuing with this theme, John approached the South Coast Independent League about doing a potential project. They gave him a list of teams that he could potentially cover. Amongst them, John saw a familiar name listed as manager of the Peanuts.

John Fitzgerald grew up a Mets fan in the eighties. In 1983, at six years old, John can remember his father’s typical Met fan jargon “They lost to the Cubs again!”. Nevertheless, the Mets began an upward trend and John can remember people wanting to mimic the Mets’ aggressive brand of baseball. The name on the list of teams and managers was Wally Backman. John took the opportunity to connect these interests. I had the pleasure to talk to John about “Playing for Peanuts”, the Mets, and “Uncle Wally”. Continue reading “John Fitzgerald on “Playing For Peanuts”, Wally Backman, and the Mets”

Omar Minaya Fails Chemistry 101

New York Mets General Manager Omar Minaya watches batting practice prior to the game against the Washington Nationals on September 18, 2008 at Nationals Park in Washington. (UPI Photo/Mark Goldman) Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

I’ve been silent for almost two weeks because what I have been watching has left me speechless.

I could definitely say I told you so when, before the season started, I predicting this team was not much better than a 4th place team. I also continue to believe that the GM, Omar Minaya,  is the root cause of this teams problems.The Mets inspired play of May and June left me hoping that things were finally going to change. Wrong on that count. Omar’s high priced players are back and with it came the downfall of a lovable team that played above it’s talent level for at least 6 weeks.


Why is Omar the root cause of this teams problem?

Any business student could tell you the reason why and they wouldn’t even need to now anything about baseball. Anyone in the military could tell you the same thing. Anytime you have a breakdown in the chain of command your team will know it and respond accordingly. It always gets ugly!The only explanation for a team-wide collapse is that someone just above the manager (cough, cough, ahem… the GM) is cutting the managers feet out from under him by making some decisions that only the manager should be making. A GM should not be making out the lineup card and deciding who plays.


When this happens the whole team team chemistry gets screwed up. Players who earned playing time are no longer playing. Players who were leaders are now asked to sit the bench. Playing your butt off no longer earns you playing time, the size of your contract now determines your playing time. There is no incentive to perform.

This bad chemistry keeps breeding and growing turning player against player until even the good players, who play their hearts out, start to screw up. Continue reading “Omar Minaya Fails Chemistry 101”