Report: Pelfrey Victimized By Stanford Scheme is reporting that Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey is among many that have been swindeled by billionaire finacier Robert Allen Stanford. Yankees players Johnny Damon and former Mets Xavier Nady are also reported to be among the victims.

All three players are clients of agent Scott Boras. So you have to wonder if he was directing them to invest with Stanford. But Boras says that he’s examined the situation and doesn’t feel that the players will face any permanent financial losses.

Mets And Oliver Perez In Waiting Game

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There were media reports that the Mets wanted to get a deal done with Oliver Perez by today. We haven’t received word from the Mets or Scott Boras that anything has been settled yet. So, we keep waiting.

Adam Rubin of the NY Daily News has some good information from the BBWAA New York chapter dinner tonight. The topics are:

  1. The Mets are waiting out Ollie because there doesn’t appear to be another team bidding against them.
  2. Randy Wolf’s agent, Arn Tellem, has stayed in touch with the Mets. So the Mets will probably get a call before Wolf signs a contract with anyone else, including the Dodgers.
  3. After reviewing Ben Sheets’ medical records, the Mets don’t appear to be interested in doing a two year contract with him.

This whole off-season has been so strange for free agents. I’ve said this before, but there are a lot of free agents right now that should sign one year contracts and hope for a better economic environment next year. Ben Sheets is definitely one of them.

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Scott Boras To Meet With Mets

Super-agent Scott Boras is in New York this week for the introduction of Mark Teixeira with the New York Yankees. While he’s here he’ll stop by to meet with Mets executives to talk about Derek Lowe and Oliver Perez.

The meeting is set to take place on Wednesday. We’ve heard news about the potential deal with Lowe for weeks now. So I won’t go on about it here. I do expect something to happen this week though. Whether Lowe strikes a deal with the Mets or moves on to greener pastures elsewhere should be decided very soon.

Links: Jose Reyes and Oliver Perez

Jose Reyes– Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports writes about Reyes growing up in New York with the Mets. It’s a well written piece focusing on quotes from Reyes and Damion Easley. Despite the way that last season ended, particularly for Reyes, I’m convinced that he’s got a huge career ahead of him. He’ll be known as one of the best leadoff hitters ever by the time he’s finished playing.

Oliver Perez– Anthony DiComo of writes about Oliver Perez from the angle of his contentious arbitration hearing and impending free agency. The column contains plenty of Perez directed fluff from his agent, Scott Boras. Determining Perez’ value in free agency should be interesting because he’s such a wild card, no pun intended. He’s brilliant at moments and dreadful the next moment. I suppose Perez’ value will really depend on what other pitchers get on the free agent market in this coming off-season. Certainly, C.C. Sabbathia will be the big fish in the pond of free agency. Even though he’s had a tough start to this season, he’s got potential to be the #1 starter on most teams. After he signs, that will play a big part in determining how much value Perez has.