Rockies Drop Mets 6-5 In 13 Innings

A lot happened for the Mets in this game and today:

  • Willie Randolph may be on the verge of being fired
  • Omar Minaya showed up in Colorado and gave Willie cautious support
  • Gary Carter threw his hat in the ring to become the next Mets manager
  • Marlon Anderson left the game with what appeared to be an injured hamstring
  • Billy Wagner blew his second save of the season, and gave up his first earned run of the season to send the game to extra innings
  • Jose Reyes inexplicably got picked off second base after hitting a double in the tenth inning
  • More inexplicably, Yorvit Torrealba got caught trying to steal third in the bottom of the tenth inning; he’s overzealous in his attempt at revenge on the Mets for not signing him this off-season
  • Oliver Perez walked eight batters but managed to pitch into the sixth inning
  • Scott Schoenweiss looked good for two innings
  • Aaron Heilman takes the loss in his second inning of work
  • The Mets lose their fifth straight game

The losing continues for another day. At least Omar Minaya is in Colorado to figure out what exactly is going wrong for this team. I’m sure that we’ll hear a lot more about this when the team gets back to New York. Hopefully, the Mets won’t embarrass themselves on regional Fox coverage of the game tomorrow.

Box score

Video Highlights

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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