Lunch Links- Mex, Billy Martin, MLB Network, and More

While I’m here getting pumped up for the Phillies series, I decided to put some links out today. Some of them I’ve had for a while now but I think you’ll like. Anyway, onto the links…

  • This one is from July 7th but I thought you’d want to see it anyway. David Pinto wrote a piece for Yahoo Sports about the parallels between the Yankees 1978 firing of Billy Martin and the Mets firing of Willie Randolph.
  • David Peters, a PhD professor of engineering from the Washington University of St. Louis wrote a tremendous piece about how lefties have an advantage in baseball. It’s really compelling information and got picked up by Sporting News.
  • Cyril Morong, writer of the excellent blog Cybermetrics, writes that fast players such as Jose Reyes aren’t “blocked” from hitting doubles and triples with slower runners on base in front of them.
  • ESPN’s Jayson Stark picks the Phillies to win the NL East in his “That’s Debatable” column.
  • John Donovan tries to make sense of the NL East in his column for Sports Illustrated.
  • Awful Announcing has some good information on the upcoming MLB Network. Included is the rumor that they’re considering adding analyst Harold Reynolds from SNY to the network.
  • SI’s Jon Heyman gets into the latest trade rumors including the Mets interest in Seattle Raul Ibanez and Cleveland’s Casey Blake. He says that Omar Minaya especially likes Blake.
  • SNY analyst Keith Hernandez talks to WFAN’s Boomer & Carton about the Mets and his reported dispute with Jose Reyes. Listen here.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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