Mets Injury Updates: Maine, Perez, Pagan, Wagner

John MaineThe Mets media got an update on some of the players that the Mets have on the disabled list right now. Jose Reyes, J.J. Putz, and Carlos Delgado are still in New York. They’re not rehabbing in Florida yet, so we don’t have any updates on them.

Oliver Perez threw three shutout innings in an extended spring training game in Port St. Lucie yesterday. He got through three innings with 48 pitches and his fastball was clocked in the low 90’s. He’s nearly pain-free and is pitching every five days now.

John Maine threw 60 pitches in a simulated game in Florida yesterday as well. He was rusty and felt a “pinch” in his right shoulder that’s been diagnosed as a pinched nerve. Maine won’t come off the disabled list next week when he’s eligible, so we have to get used to Fernando Nieve for a while.

Angel Pagan is rehabbing a right groin strain and should be back with the Mets in 10-12 days.

Billy Wagner is throwing three bullpen sessions per week. And he should start facing hitters in about two weeks.

If the Mets can get Reyes, Maine, and Perez back within a reasonable period of time they should be fine this season. If these key injuries drag on, I think that the Mets will have trouble contending for a playoff position. You can’t lose 2/5 of your starting rotation and expect to have a solid season. I just don’t see that happening.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

3 thoughts on “Mets Injury Updates: Maine, Perez, Pagan, Wagner”

  1. On an interesting note, Dontrelle Willis went back on the Disabled List with the same ‘psychological’ ailment that afflicted him earlier in the year.


    1. It’s incredible what’s happened to Willis’ career. I always liked him when he was with Florida. I read that the Tigers have also benched Maglio Ordonez indefinitely. He’s coming up on 215 at-bats which guarantees him $18 million for next year and the Tigers don’t want to a pay.

      I’ve said since the off-season that Ordonez or Holliday will be a Met before the season is over.


  2. Well the way I look at things right now, we just need to get to the All-Star break… that gives this team a little more then 3 weeks of rehab time for all the injured players… If we can get 2 or 3 of them back after the All-Star break then we can act like its a whole new season…

    Just need to make sure that the Phillies keep playing poorly as well or we might not be able to climb back into the race…


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