Mets 2010 Slow Start – Nats Swat Back!

New York Mets starting pitcher Oliver Perez reacts at Citi Field in New York after tearing into the Nationals on Friday night, winning by a score of 8-2, I was starting to feel upbeat. Maybe a few games against the Nats is just what this team needs to get some kind of momentum going before going on a tough, short, road trip.

Instead on Saturday, in comes Old Ollie who still resembles 2009 Ollie. No “New”, no “Improved”, just plain old Oliver Perez. Typical 4 runs in 5.2 innings and he was up there at 101 pitches before being pulled. This has been the same formula that has killed this team for the past few years. Get 5 innings from your starter and kill your bullpen. On the bright side the bullpen has performed well. How long will that last?

But that’s all okay. That’s why Jerry/Omar shuffled the rotation, to have Johan Santana follow Ollie.  Oh, they’ll swear it’s because the pitching match-ups are better but who better to follow Ollie than Santana. In theory, we would forget about Ollie’s poor performance after getting another outstanding outing from Santana.

Well, we watched that theory blow up today. Even Santana has bad days and after a 1st inning grand slam we are left to wonder, can this team ever win a series this year? Can this team beat the Nats? Can this team stay out of last?

The Nats, on the other hand,  should take our slogan from us because they showed these Mets how to live up to the catchphrase, “We believe in Comebacks!”

They got smacked around Friday, come to the park Saturday to get the win and then take out one of the top pitchers in the NL in embarrassing fashion on Sunday. On Saturday, Mets fans were talking about a series win. On Sunday, in the 1st inning no less, we are putting on our rally caps.

I know I’ve been told it’s only game 6 but this year there was a sense of urgency to have a great start, especially with the easy schedule the first week at home. There just seemed to be no life in that clubhouse today after that 1st inning. And that bothers me. It way too early to start this &%$*! Show some life! Do we really believe in comebacks? No, really?!?

I have mentioned in the past the Yankees had the same problems last year. They had an incredibly bad start only to come back big. This Mets team though doesn’t have the same talent or the pitching depth the Yankees have so I don’t expect the Mets to wake up and start dominating the league anytime soon. That is why the Mets needed such a good start.

The offense is dead! My solution is to open a Starbucks in the clubhouse and start giving caffeine infusions to every player. Caffeine hasn’t been banned yet has it!?!

Colorado, St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, Dodgers, Phillies – those are the Mets opponents for the rest of April and I don’t really see a team on there the Mets can beat. Not without pitching…

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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