iPhone App Review- FanGraphs

The FanGraphs iPhone app review from David Daniels. The app displays real-time game logs and historical stats for all MLB games and players.

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I’m finding that I’m actively using this app on my iPhone when I can’t get to a TV so here’s my review – David Daniels

This app, simply called “FanGraphs“, gives you a quick update on all games being played throughout the day and in real-time. You can also get access to the same information at their website FanGraphs.com.

I notice that I tend to go to this application rather than the Internet  to get updates on any Mets games I can’t catch on TV, especially the day games I miss while I’m at work. But the app can be used to follow every game being played at any time. It’s a really great tool for those of us who get a little busy.

The Main screen of the app lists all the games that will be played that day and their start times. If a game is in progress the app will show the current score, what inning the game is in, and will even give you live win probability stats. For example, the Mets and Nationals were tied in the bottom of the 3rd and the app showed that the probability of the Mets winning is 57%. Of course, the Mets lost.

There is also a Search bar along the top of the main page. You can search for any player and their career stats will be pulled up just like on the back of a baseball card. If more than one player is listed with the same name a list of players will come up. For example, I searched for Jose Reyes. Besides the shortstop there is also a catcher listed who played in 2006.

Jose Reyes the catcher had 4 at-bats in 2006 for the Chicago Cubs and also states he was in the Mets farm system in 2007.
There’s some useless information that would make a good trivia question.

From the main screen you can then tap the game you are interested in and here is where the Graphs come up highlighting the highs and lows of the game. The graphs get somewhat technical but some of the points on the graphs are plotted and labeled letting you know what happened for the graph to spike or drop.

Looking across the top of the graphs screen you will see tabs. You can then tap on the next tab which is labeled Box score, from there you will find tabs for the two teams showing the box score for the game. The home team shows up on the original screen and you tap the tab for the visiting team to pull up the visiting teams box score. It’s all displayed very nicely.

The next tab is labeled Plays and shows every play in every inning. These are also organized by tabs. There are nine tabs, one for each inning. Tapping and scrolling through all the tabs will give you a play by play account of the game for that day.

Did you miss a game? The app can go back to 1974 for historical data which is great if you want to review the last few games you missed or you’re at a party with that know-it-all sports nut who’s always right. It’s nice to have a tool that can confirm your not having one pulled over on you.

I have been using both Fangraphs and the FanMisery iPhone apps and FanGraphs is the app I use more often. The FanMisery app is more interactive and I can get a feel for what other fans are thinking through their votes.  The FanGraphs app is listed in the app store under baseball for $2.99 or you can find it here on iTunes.

Simply put I’m finding this might be the simplest way to track the entire baseball season from my Phone.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

One thought on “iPhone App Review- FanGraphs”

  1. I use the FanMisery.com Apps (for several teams – Mets, Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, Jets) and the FanGraphs App and love them both. For a total of $6 (one time- forever) I have two great baseball Apps that compliment each other perfectly. I love the stats and news in the FanMisery.com Apps – really quick glance to see what's going on with my team. I use the FanMisery.com App as my destination for my team – a one-stop App to check in with them. I love the esoteric and involving analysis/graphs in the FanGraphs App when I'm in a stats-nut mood.


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