Rockies 11 – Mets 3 April 13, 2010

MLB: New York Mets at Los Angeles Dodgers Mets lost their third straight game to start the series in Colorado. John Maine was crushed for 8 runs in 3 IP. He had absolutely nothing and gave up 6 runs in the third inning with two outs. It’s starting to get ugly again for the Mets, not exactly the hot start that Jerry Manuel talked about all spring.

The Good – nothing

The Bad – Maine was horrible again and appears to have lost velocity; Jason Bay and Angel Pagan muffing a fly in left-center; Fernando Tatis looking uncomfortable at first base on a bad throw from Maine; Fernando Nieve giving up 3 runs in 0.1 IP

Just an awful effort from the Mets. That’s all there is to say. And I hate the live calls coming into the booth during blowouts. It’s so desperate, and  leads to Cohen and Hernandez senselessly defending their employer.

Box score

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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