Mets First Batting Champion and Finish in Last Place?

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This was quite the interesting year for our New York Mets, from the worst start in club history to HatGate… with 9 games left to the season there are still a few things to look forward to. Hard to believe a team who has been out of playoff contention for months can have so much riding on the last 9 games of the season but it’s more about hope for the future than anything else.

Will Reyes Win the Batting Title?

Our first batting champion in Mets history? Although it won’t help our prospects of resigning him, but if the Mets do manage to resign Jose Reyes this will be a huge reason, maybe the only reason, why the fans will come back next year… to see our homegrown Batting Champion lead a new round of youngsters to a winning season.

Will the Mets End Up in Last?

I actually picked the Mets for last this year. They are 4 games out of last with 9 to play. They also happen to play a series against the Phillies and Cards before they end the season against the Reds. Will the Phillies cruise and give the Mets a break or will they go all out and try to bury the Mets? The Cards are in full blown Wild Card race mode so they will be tough to beat.

My Spring Training Prediction: Dead Last. A successful season would be if they take 3rd. 4th place and the season is a wash. So I’m hoping for 3rd. Last is not really looking like a possible outcome.

Will Pelfrey Ever “Lick” His Bad Habit?

This may never happen but can Mike Pelfrey lick the bad habit of acting like a 4th starter when he has the “Stuff” to be a number 2? Or will he be traded in the offseason when the Mets go into full rebuilding mode?

Can the Mets Create Any Good Will towards Their Fans in the Last 9 Games? Open up a Game Completely Free to the Fans!

The Mets will quietly end their season against Cincinnati, another mediocre team. It also happens to be a day game and will probably be a chilly fall day. A perfect backdrop to a summer that has disappeared quickly along with the Mets playoff hopes for this and maybe even next year.

Will anyone watch the last 9 games? Will the Mets do anything special these last few games at home to create some good will? How about letting everyone in for free? Give the parking attendants off one game so fans can park free? Heck, make everything free! It’s just one game that no one will be attending anyway.

Find us on Twitter and G+ Hangouts

So even though the season is winding down, I look forward to continuing the Mets conversation this offseason on Twitter, where we all follow the #Mets hashtag, and now on Google+ where we are having weekly hangouts to discuss the Mets.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Mets First Batting Champion and Finish in Last Place?”

  1. Before the season started, I actually thought this team was capable of 88 wins. Crazy optimism? Just plain crazy? Yes and Yes! The assumption I had was based on everyone staying healthy and Johan coming back and pitching well.

    As far as the last 9 games go… Out of habit, I'll flip over to the game. If Reyes is up, I'll watch.


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