Carlos Beltran Surgery Highlights Mets Medical Problems

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By now you’ve likely heard the news that Carlos Beltran had knee surgery without the Mets permission. The surgery was performed by Beltran’s doctor in Colorado. His contract requires that the Mets provide written permission to have elective surgery from the reports that I’ve heard. At issue is whether the knee surgery was medically necessary or not. Now Beltran will miss spring training and likely won’t be able to play until mid-May.

There are several factors involved here including:

  • NY Times– Beltran’s agent, Scott Boras, says that they did have the Mets permission for surgery
  • NY Post- David Wright wonders like every Mets fan why the surgery is being done now?
  • Always Amazin’– Beltran has gone against team medical advice before, in 2000 with the Royals and got suspended for 30 days by the team

This is where the Mets are going to get killed by us and the media for not making any changes to their medical staff after last season’s miscues. Every star player was on the disabled list at some point last year and there was constant confusion about what to do with the players. Remember Carlos Delgado flying to San Francisco for the Mets series there, only to be sent home to go on the disabled list? This situation goes as far back as the 2008 season when Ryan Church was flying around the country with the team after his second concussion of the season.

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David Wright Radio Interview in the Studio

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Several of the Mets were in town today for an event at Citi Field. David Wright made his way into the studio with Mike Francesa on WFAN. As you would expect, a lot of the interview is about the dismal 2009 season that the team had as a whole. But he also goes into great detail about his own strange offensive season without the power that he’s had in previous seasons.

The dimensions of Citi Field and the impact on Wright are an issue as well. Personally, I like watching the Mets in a heavily-slanted pitchers park. The new Yankee Stadium and Citizens Bank are a joke and I’d hate to have to watch the Mets in a stadium like that. So I don’t have a problem with some reduced offense.

They get into the topic of steroids. I like Wright’s take on it. He didn’t give the typical protective fellow player answer that I expected. His opinion on the matter sounded just like every other fan that I’ve talked to.

You can listen to the full interview below.

Audio- David Wright WFAN interview

Mets Introduce Jason Bay At Citi Field

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Today was the dog and pony show that the Mets held for Jason Bay at Citi Field. The 31 year-old will be entering his eighth big league season. His career 162 game average slash line is .280/ .376/ .519. The Mets will be the fourth team that he’s played for after San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Boston.

This post is filled with multi media from today’s festivities including audio and video. You’ll get more than your fill of Bay from this post to last you until spring training.

The Mets did the right thing by making offense a priority this offseason. I know that some of you think the rotation is the biggest weakness. But the Mets already have resources committed to the rotation, they just need to get them producing on the field and add a middle/back of the rotation piece.

There’s still going to be some fanfare for the Mets, but nothing on the level that Bay brings. I expect Bengie Molina to sign eventually when he realizes that nobody is going to offer him a three-year deal. And I also expect a starting pitcher to sign with the Mets before the end of this month.

We’ll get to those signings when they happen. Today is Bay’s day with the Mets. The audio and video is after the break.

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Audio: Minaya Addresses Wagner, Santana, Putz, Perez

FLUSHING, NY - FEBRUARY 06: (L to R) New York ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Here’s the conference call with reporters to address the surgery that Johan Santana will have. Omar Minaya also gets into the Billy Wagner trade to the Red Sox, J.J. Putz‘ next rehab appearance being delayed, and Oliver Perez coming back to New York to have his knee examined.

As usual, Minaya stumbles and bumbles his way through the call. It’s bizarre that he doesn’t even remember that Santana had elbow problems during spring training that almost caused him to miss opening day. It’s also odd that Minaya hasn’t spoken to Santana yet about the injury and impending surgery.

Audio: Manuel, Perez, K-Rod Aug. 7, 2009

Here’s the post-game audio from last night’s devastating loss. It’s ironic that Oliver Perez had such a terrific start and the Mets end up losing one of their more stunning losses of the season. And that saying something for this team.

Jerry Manuel:

Oliver Perez:

Francisco Rodriguez: