Mets Johan Santana’s Shoulder Recovering in PSL

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There have been quite a few reports about Johan Santana recovering in Port St. Lucie this month. The Mets are hoping to get 25 starts out of him this season while he’s recovering from surgery on his left shoulder capsule. It’s the same surgery that Mark Prior and Chien-Ming Wang had that kept them out for years and were never the same when they came back.

Dan Warthen has been in PSL and talked to Dan Martin of the Post about it:

I’ve been looking at video from when he’s been down here recently and comparing it to video from 2008, before he got hurt. It’s no different. Not even one percent. That’s extremely important.

Personally, I don’t think Santana is going to be able to make a significant impact on the 2012 Mets. He may be able to come back in June and work toward pitching every five days. But I’m concerned that he’ll never be the pitcher that the Mets expected to live up to his $25 million salary this season.

The rest of the team isn’t even close to strong enough to support the team without Santana running at full strength.

Johan Santana Rehab Start for St. Lucie Mets

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Mets starting pitcher Johan Santana made his second rehab start for the St. Lucie Mets today. He pitched two innings, facing 9 batters, and gave up 1 run on 3 hits. He had 2 strikeouts and no walks in the game. He was scheduled to pitch 2 innings or 40 pitches.

Time will tell if it was a successful rehab start. If you remember, he made a start for St. Lucie on July 28 and hasn’t pitched again in more than a month now. Coming back from shoulder surgery is tricky and the Mets have to be careful. Not only because he’s coming back from an injury, but also because he’s the most costly resource in the entire Mets system making $22.5 million without even throwing a pitch.

His salary escalates to $24 million in 2012 and $25.5 million in 2013 with an option for 2014 at $25 million. If the Mets can’t get Santana healthy enough to pitch in 2012, they’ll be in big trouble combined with a decreasing payroll. The simple fact is that they just can’t have a guy on the disabled list taking up nearly 25% of the team’s payroll. It’s impossible to win that way.

Jose Reyes to Rehab with Binghamton Mets

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Jose Reyes has been on the Mets’ disabled list since August 8th with a hamstring strain. He’s going to start playing in rehab games tonight for the Binghamton Mets. If you’re in the Binghamton area it’s a great chance to see Reyes playing shortstop in a small stadium setting. I would guess that he’ll be playing the double-play combination with Reese Havens at second base. If the Mets are able to re-sign Reyes in the offseason, maybe we’ll see that combo at Citi Field next season.

Here’s a promotional video that the B-Mets put together for this rehab stint. Reyes will likely play a few (maybe three) games for Binghamton before returning from the disabled list.

Jose Reyes may Not Return from Injury on Tuesday

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Impending free agent Jose Reyes has been on the disabled list since August 8th. It’s his second trip to the disabled list this season with a hamstring injury. He’s still leading the National League in hitting with a .336 average and second in the league in stolen bases to Michael Bourn with 34.

It’s been an incredible season for Reyes except for the injuries. I’m sure every player dreams of having the season of a lifetime in their contract year. And Reyes has been doing that. The only potential problem for his free agency are the injuries. He’s had a fairly lengthy list of injuries during the beginning of his career with the Mets and that may keep him from the big money as Fred Wilpon told the New Yorker earlier this season.

I didn’t think that this latest hamstring injury would be a problem for Reyes unless he wasn’t ready to come off the disabled list after 15 days when he’s eligible. That day is Tuesday and it’s starting to look like Reyes might not be back with the team in Philadelphia.

Reyes told reporters yesterday when asked about playing on Tuesday:

I don’t know about that. I need to run the bases first before I decide when I’m going to play. I’ve been running the past three days, and I feel very good. I’m not running 100 percent yet, but it’s getting there.

That’s a problem. Reyes needs to show other teams that may offer him a contract in the offseason that his injury is very minor. He needs to do that by being in the starting lineup on Tuesday. If not, I think every day that he doesn’t play is going to cost him in free agency. Staying on the DL this late in the season, with his injury history, has to lead other teams to question his health in a long-term contract.

Mets Daniel Murphy Out for 2011 Season

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ESPN is reporting that Daniel Murphy was diagnosed with a torn MCL in his left knee. In yesterday’s loss to the Braves, he was slid into at second base by Jose Constanza. It was clear that Murphy’s leg moved awkwardly and that he was in severe pain.

According to the ESPN report, Muphy won’t need surgery but will have a four month recovery period. Ruben Tejada has been recalled from Triple-A Buffalo to take Murphy’s spot on the roster.

Reyes, Murphy Injured in Mets 6-5 Loss To Braves

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As if it wasn’t bad enough that Bobby Parnell blew the game in the ninth, there are major injuries to talk about. Jose Reyes left the game in the second inning with a mild hamstring strain. Unfortunately, the last time this happened he was out of action for three weeks. Maybe the recurring injuries will keep his contract down in the offseason.

Daniel Murphy was injured more severely in the seventh inning when he took a spike from Jose Constanza in the lower leg at second base. Murphy had just come into the game as a pinch hitter in the inning. The Mets have already put Murphy on the disabled list and called up Ruben Tejada to replace him.

If Reyes goes on the disabled list too, it’s going to be a severe hit to an already under-manned team. The faint glimmer of hope for a late season miracle will be completely out the window with Reyes and Murphy out for any lengthy period of time.

Terry Collins said after the game that Murphy indicated when he was coming off the field that the injury was pretty serious. He was telling them “Get me off the field” as they helped him off.

Johan Santana Visits Mets in Miami

During last night’s game against the Marlins, Johan Santana visited with the Mets. He’s been rehabbing from shoulder surgery in Port St. Lucie and even threw a three inning simulated game this week. Santana will be throwing a bullpen session for the Mets front office tomorrow at Sun Life Stadium to gauge his readiness for pitching rehab minor league games.

Unfortunately, Santana isn’t going to make it back in time to have a positive impact on the season. The rumors are swirling about Carlos Beltran trade partners. And Fox Sports reported that the Mets want to trade Beltran early next week so they can work on trading away some other players like Chris Capuano, Willie Harris, Scott Hairston, and Tim Byrdak.

Even without having an impact on 2011, it sure would be nice to see Santana back and pitching well for the Mets in August and September. It would certainly instill some confidence going into the offseason that 2012 won’t be another wasted season.