Video: Oliver Perez in Arizona

May 09, 2010 - Queens, NEW YORK, United States - epa02150562 New York Mets starting pitcher Oliver Perez firing a pitch to home plate to the San Francisco Giants in the first inning at Citi Field, in Queens, New York, USA, 09 May 2010. day we all feared is here. It looks like Oliver Perez will be activated from the disabled list today. Likely, Josh Thole will be sent down to Triple-A Buffalo but we’ll find out for sure later this afternoon.

Perez threw in the bullpen in front of Dan Warthen and Jerry Manuel yesterday. From their comments, they didn’t sound impressed. Manuel said that Perez will be the second lefty out of the bullpen and he’ll try to find spots to use him. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Perez’ return to the team.

I’m really disappointed to see Thole leave, if that’s what they decide to do. I understand that he has options and that’s a factor. But Rod Barajas certainly isn’t in the Mets long term plans. And there’s hardly anything left on his 1-year contract. They could easily release Barajas and go with Thole and Henry Blanco.

Video: Jeff Wilpon With Mets In Atlanta

Jeff Wilpon spoke to the media before tonight’s game about the reason he’s in Atlanta. Nobody is getting fired. At least not today. He wouldn’t be there if he wasn’t really ticked off. I’m sure he expressed that in his meeting with Jerry Manuel, Dan Warthen, Omar Minaya, and John Ricco.

Here’s the video from ESPN.

Mets Links: Oliver Perez, No Offense, More

The Mets are in a bad way right now. Dropping below .500 yesterday could be a dangerous sign for the 2010 season and where it’s headed. Expect the Wilpons to enter their first decision point in two weeks. If the Mets aren’t moving in the right direction at the end of May, it could spell the end for Jerry Manuel as manager. I would also expect Dan Warthen and Howard Johnson to be fired as well. If Manuel, Warthen, and HoJo make it into June in their current jobs that’s a very good sign for them.

So much has happened over the last few days, here are the links.

The Mets are 4-11 on the road this year and have no offense in those games at all. You would think they would take advantage of getting away from Citi Field but they haven’t. It’s been just the opposite.

It’s been well documented that Oliver Perez lost his spot in the rotation yesterday. But ESPN broke the news that Omar Minaya brought up the possibility of going to the minors and Perez refused. Perez has nine years in the bigs and doesn’t have to agree to go to the minors if he doesn’t want to. I wouldn’t either. If he went, he would have no control over when he came back. They could leave him in the minors all season. The difference between this situation and Steve Trachsel going to the minors in 2005 is that the Mets would have released Trachsel. They won’t release Perez. He doesn’t have to worry about that because of his big contract. There’s no motivation for him to go to the minors. Continue reading “Mets Links: Oliver Perez, No Offense, More”

Audio: Oliver Perez Meltdown Reaction

PORT ST LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 26:  Starting pit...
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The situation with Oliver Perez has really become intolerable at this point. The Mets can’t keep trotting him out there every fifth day and expect to be blown out in 20% of their games. It’s hurting morale and it’s hurting the bullpen, not to mention the Mets spot in the NL East standings.

There’s been a lot of reaction this morning about Perez’ latest meltdown on the mound. He blamed the cold weather for his last stinker against the Giants but he didn’t have that excuse in Miami last night.

There’s been discussion of who should take Perez’ spot in the rotation. And discussion of the fact that we’re beyond the point of looking for Perez’ upside. Continue reading “Audio: Oliver Perez Meltdown Reaction”

Brewers 6 – Mets 3 June 30, 2009

The Mets went down in defeat for the fifth straight game. Even with Johan Santana on the mound, the Mets played one of their worst games and suffered one of the most embarrassing losses of the season.

The game looked great in the first inning with David Wright hitting a 2-run homer to get things started. But the Mets imploded in the fourth when Santana walked the Brewers pitcher, Fernando Martinez did a face plant in the outfield on a routine fly ball, and the Mets kicked the ball around the field like little leaguers on a play at the plate. The Brewers took a 5-2 lead and the game was gone.

Santana flipped out in the dugout between innings but he was more to blame than anyone. It was his walk of the pitcher that got things started for the Brewers and his wild error throw to third after the play at home. I don’t know who he was yelling at but he should look at himself in this case.

Martinez ended up hitting his first major league homer in the ninth but it was another ugly loss. Pitching coach Dan Warthen was thrown out of the game for arguing balls and strikes with home plate umpire Jim Wolf. The Mets have had problems with Wolf before this season so I wasn’t surprised to see them getting on him throughout the game.

After the game Jerry Manuel had a 30 minute closed-door meeting with the players. He said afterward that it was a “family meeting” and the purpose was to make sure that they understand that they have what it takes to win. Oddly, he just told reporters days ago that the Mets need to trade for a hitter.


Troubled Oliver Perez Should Stay With Mets

Oliver PerezThere’s no disputing the fact that something, and maybe everything, is going horribly wrong for Oliver Perez this season. He’s made five starts now and is pitching to a 1-2 record with a 9.97 ERA. Obviously, he’s hurting the team and shouldn’t continue in the starting rotation. The only debate right now is whether he should be sent to Triple-A Buffalo or stay with the Mets in the bullpen in an attempt to right the ship.

I believe that Perez should stay with the Mets in the bullpen. He doesn’t even need to pitch out of the bullpen, but he should stay with the Mets not be banished to Buffalo.

The Mets should bring up Nelson Figueroa to take Perez’ spot in the rotation for one start. This will give Perez a chance to continue his work with pitching coach Dan Warthen and Johan Santana. Figueroa could take Ken Takahashi’s spot on the roster. Perez will have the pressure off him for 10 games and have a chance to just work on finding himself.

Perez is going to be a part of the Mets for the next three seasons. His 3-year/$36 million contract that he just signed assures him of that. So the Mets need to go forward with Perez on the major league roster and show some confidence in him. I think he needs that right now. The going is tough for him but it’ll get better. You can see it on his face that he’s disappointed in himself.

There are examples of established major league pitchers that have gone to the minors and come back better for it. Steve Trachsel did it for the Mets. But you can also look at Barry Zito with the Giants from last season. On April 29, 2008 Zito was off to an 0-6 start with a 7.53 ERA and was moved to the bullpen. He skipped a start and came back much better. He finished the season at 10-11 record after the bullpen move, and that’s with a bad team that finished the season 72-90. Take a look at Zito’s 2008 game log here. I could see the same type of season for Perez this year.

The Mets made a prett sizable investment in Perez this offseason. They shouldn’t give up on him after one bad month. He should stay with the team and work with the best pitching coaches in the organization. That means he stays with the major league team and works through his problems.

Audio: WFAN’s Mets Beat Report- 3.31.09

WFAN WFAN‘s Ed Coleman checks in with Joe & Evan to talk about the Mets news from today. Here are the topics:

  • Oliver Perez‘ nice start last night after being called out by pitching coach Dan Warthen for being out of shape.
  • The Mets potential for interest in Gary Sheffield. Coleman doesn’t think that the Mets will have any interest there.
  • The relationship between Warthen and the pitchers.

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