Video: Jeff Francoeur – No Problem With Manuel

Last night ESPN Baseball Tonight aired a report by Seth Everett that several players have a problem with Jerry Manuel. The players Everett cited were Jeff Francoeur, David Wright, Johan Santana, and Jose Reyes. He listed the supposed reasons they all have a problem with Manuel.

Before today’s marathon game against the Cardinals, Francoeur responded and denied Everett’s report as a complete falsehood. See the interview below with Ken Rosenthal.

NL East News: Phillies In Atlanta Video

The Philadelphia Phillies are in Atlanta for a three game series against the Braves starting tonight. The ideal scenario for the Mets is for the Braves to win at least two of the games at home. Considering that the Braves are 28-14 at home this season, that’s likely to occur.

The Phillies are 2-8 in their last ten games. Hopefully, they don’t get hot in Atlanta before the Mets go to Philly for a four game series beginning on Friday.

Of course, the Mets need to win some games in St. Louis this week too. Last night wasn’t a good start to the series with every facet of the game going wrong for the Mets. But there’s an opportunity for the Mets to go into Philly with a chance to take the division lead if everything breaks right this week.

See the ESPN Baseball Tonight preview of the Phillies/Braves series below.

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Video: Pedro Martinez’ Return

The ESPN Baseball Tonight crew talks about Pedro’s return and Joba Chamberlain’s first start for the Yankees. I think that Chris Singleton might be giving Pedro a little too much credit for the Met success over the past week. But it sure is nice to have Pedro back after watching Oliver Perez stink up AT&T Park last night.

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