iPhone App Review- FanGraphs

The FanGraphs iPhone app review from David Daniels. The app displays real-time game logs and historical stats for all MLB games and players.

Courtesy of Wikimedia

I’m finding that I’m actively using this app on my iPhone when I can’t get to a TV so here’s my review – David Daniels

This app, simply called “FanGraphs“, gives you a quick update on all games being played throughout the day and in real-time. You can also get access to the same information at their website FanGraphs.com.

I notice that I tend to go to this application rather than the Internet  to get updates on any Mets games I can’t catch on TV, especially the day games I miss while I’m at work. But the app can be used to follow every game being played at any time. It’s a really great tool for those of us who get a little busy. Continue reading “iPhone App Review- FanGraphs”