Video: MLB AtBat 2012 App Review

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Here’s a great app review of the MLB AtBat 2012 app for the iPhone from my two friends Kerel Cooper of and David Daniels of Mets Report fame and his own site  Check out the review for the features in the AtBat app for this season.

I bought the 2011 AtBat app for Android last year and loved it. MLB Advanced Media did a great job with it and I really liked being able to listen to the radio feeds for the home or away team for every game.

Video: MLB At Bat 2011 iPhone App Review

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Kerel Cooper of On The Black and our own David Daniels talk about the 2011 version of the MLB At Bat app for the iPhone. Now is the perfect time to invest in the app before the season starts next week. I have the Android version and love it. I’ve been listening to the Mets spring training games, even when they’re not broadcast on WFAN by tuning into the opposing team’s broadcast.

The app has real-time game tracking, a scoreboard, MLB news, and let’s you pick your favorite team. It’ll customize the experience to your team as well. MLB Advanced Media really did a nice job with this version. It’s worth the $15 if you’re a big fan.


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Mets Links: and MLB At-Bat 2010

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This is a brief mid-day Mets links post today. As a matter of fact, this post isn’t specific to the Mets at all. There were a couple of good baseball technology posts that I wanted to link to. If you’re a baseball and simultaneously a gadget junkie, this is the post for you.– Our own David Daniels writes about the MLB At-Bat 2010 app for the iPhone

Fangraphs– Dave Cameron writes that the only way to watch is on the PlayStation 3.

iPhone App Review- FanGraphs

The FanGraphs iPhone app review from David Daniels. The app displays real-time game logs and historical stats for all MLB games and players.

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I’m finding that I’m actively using this app on my iPhone when I can’t get to a TV so here’s my review – David Daniels

This app, simply called “FanGraphs“, gives you a quick update on all games being played throughout the day and in real-time. You can also get access to the same information at their website

I notice that I tend to go to this application rather than the Internet  to get updates on any Mets games I can’t catch on TV, especially the day games I miss while I’m at work. But the app can be used to follow every game being played at any time. It’s a really great tool for those of us who get a little busy. Continue reading “iPhone App Review- FanGraphs”

iPhone Baseball App Review – Fan Misery Index

The perfect iPhone app for Mets fans! The Fan Misery Index app has real-time updates that will give statistical reference to our shared misery as Mets fans.

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If you’re a Met’s fan who carries an iPhone then this app was made just for you. This little app, called FMI or, should come in handy as the season progresses. The app costs $2.99 and as a bonus, you can follow the feed right from the app. I highly recommend it. Check out the slideshow. It’s 25 screenshots that explain what statistics are available and since it’s a dynamic content application the statistics are updated in real time.

From the company site:

“ has created a mathematical method that calculates the Index (FMI) based on relative strengths of a set of statistics and opinions. The FMI is conceptually similar to the S&P 500 Index or the Dow Jones Industrial Average – it’s a calculated value between 0 and 10 where 0 indicates bliss and 10 represents the ultimate misery that you could ever envision.”

Last year, as the Yankees were playing the Phillies in the World Series the Mets FMI probably would have been pinned at 10!

Continue reading “iPhone Baseball App Review – Fan Misery Index”