Video: Mets 2011 Preview from Fox Sports

New York Mets Third Baseman David Wright

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Jim Bowden previews the 2011 Mets for Fox Sports in the video below. I think he pretty much nailed it. 2011 probably isn’t going to be a great year for the Mets. The finances appear to be a problem and it led to little offseason activity. The Mets have a few valuable pieces, notably David Wright and Jose Reyes, that can deliver production for the team or return value in a trade.

The prediction is for the Mets to finish fourth in the NL East and I think that’s a pretty fair assessment. You could make an argument for a third place finish, but I think it would be difficult to predict that the Mets will finish with a better record than the Phillies or Braves.

As Bowden mentioned, with about $60 million coming off the books in 2012, next year’s team will look a lot different than what we’re watching this season.
Video: First Pitch: Mets

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Fox Columnists On Randolph And Minaya

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The Fox Sports columnists are firing out columns about the Mets, both Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya. Ken Rosenthal and Mark Kriegel talk about the Mets problems from the players to the manager and the GM.

Ken Rosenthal talks about the Tigers, Mariners, and Mets chemistry problems and lack of players with passion. All three have $100+ million payrolls filled with too many overpaid underachieving players.

Mark Kriegel talks about Willie Randolph’s comments about racial discrimination. He says that the Mets problems aren’t racial.

Tom Glavine Prepares To Face Mets

Logo used until 1999Image from WikipediaTom Glavine will pitch Saturday afternoon on Fox Sports game of the week against the Mets. He made some comments to the media about his first start against his former team:

“It’s the kind of thing I knew obviously would happen at some point of the year,” Glavine said Thursday. “I guess it’s happening now sooner than I anticipated. Of course it’s going to be weird. It’s going to be very similar to when I faced the Braves for the first time after leaving here.”

There isn’t anything in his comments since he rejoined the Atlanta Braves that we haven’t already heard from Glavine. He’s pretty media-saavy and wouldn’t say something that would make headlines. Hopefully, he’ll have another game like he did to end the Mets season last year.