2011 Critical for Mets’ Reese Havens

Reese Havens
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The 2008 draft saw the Mets with two first round picks. Omar Minaya went after seasoned college bats who could make an impact in the immediate future. He took a first baseman with doubles power in Ike Davis. The Mets believed those doubles would soon develop into home runs. They also took a gritty shortstop with a left-handed stroke that made him a target for Theo Epstein in Boston. Reese Havens was drafted and, upon his move to second, it was said he would become the top second baseman in the system.

The 2011 Mets field a team that is set at every position with only one exception: second base. The farm system does not have a second baseman ready to seize the position. Ruben Tejada can field the position but his bat needs tuning at Triple-A. Daniel Murphy has been experimenting for a second time at second base. Murphy has proven he can handle big league pitching, but his fielding leaves much to be desired. Up the middle defense is crucial to a baseball team and especially a sinker baller like Mike Pelfrey. Eventually, Murphy’s experience at different positions could make him a nice utility player but as a regular he would be exposed. The Mets also have Justin Turner who came to the team last year but didn’t set himself apart. Continue reading “2011 Critical for Mets’ Reese Havens”

Mets Perez Returns, Turner Out

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In a surprising move, the Mets activated Oliver Perez and shipped out Justin Turner. Turner heads back to Triple-A Buffalo. The Mets will continue to carry three catchers plus Alex Cora, Chris Carter, and Jeff Francoeur on the bench.

Keeping three catchers on the roster seems like an unsustainable strategy. Josh Thole has earned the right to be on the Mets roster. Rod Barajas has earned a trip to the waiver wire. It’s that simple.

As far as Perez goes, we’ll see how Manuel uses him. I have a feeling he’ll be doing mop-up duty and that’s about it.

Video: Jose Reyes May Return Sunday

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The Mets have been shut out by the Giants in two straight games. The offense has been almost non-existent and for the last two seasons we’ve been talking about how the Mets don’t click when Jose Reyes doesn’t play. He’s been out of the lineup since he left the game on July 10 against the Braves and missed the All-Star game.

Jerry Manuel explains to reporters below what they’re seeing from Reyes’ oblique injury and what he needs to do to return to the lineup. The Mets even called up Justin Turner and optioned Nick Evans to Buffalo to add some middle infield support in Reyes’ absence.

It’s getting a little tiring to hear day after day that he could return “tomorrow”. And tomorrow doesn’t seem to happen. Take Manuel’s words with a grain of salt in the video below.