Angel Pagan In Left Field… I Don’t Think So

Angel Pagan

The Mets beat writers and blogsphere self-regarded experts are beginning to anoint Angel Pagan as the Mets opening day left fielder. While Pagan is having an incredible spring, it’s not like we’ve never seen a March phenom before. You can see all of the Mets spring training statistics here.

Let’s not forget that Pagan has only two years of major league experience with the Cubs. His career numbers are: 148 games 318 AB’s .255 BA 9 HR 39 RBI 8 SB’s Continue reading “Angel Pagan In Left Field… I Don’t Think So”

Can the Mets Make a Deal for Marcus Thames?

There’s been a lot of talk about potential trades to get through Moises Alou’s hernia injury. We’ve discussed Thames, Nady, and Jay Payton as potential targets for Omar Minaya. The Tigers seem to make the most sense as a trading partner. They’ve got a great offense, pretty good starters, and a questionable bullpen. The Mets are looking to deal some of their relievers so working out a trade for Marcus Thames seems natural.

I got some good information about Thames from Blake over at The Spot Starters blog. It’s a great site for Tigers information and lots of MLB commentary. Take a look at the site. Blake gave me his impressions of Marcus Thames:

On Thames, he’s a nice guy to have. He’s primarily an OF and DH but just starting playing first base last year. He’ll never be confused with a Gold Glover but he gets the job done and makes up for it with his bat. Obviously he hits for some serious power, that’s his game. As someone who watches a lot of games though I really think that most good pitchers can get him out almost all of the time. He’s one of those guys. It feels like he beats up on shady pitching but I never feel confident with him at the plate in the 9th inning.

It sounds like he could be really valuable to the Mets if he can play the corner outfield positions and first base. He could even platoon with Church in right when Alou gets back. At this point in Delgado’s career, it looks like we’ll need a solid backup there as well.

Marcus Thames

Omar Minaya In No Rush To Replace Moises Alou

Minaya insists that the Mets can replace Alou from within until early-mid May when he gets back from hernia surgery. I’ve been arguing here for some time about signing Barry Bonds. A right handed bat, with power, would be a better fit for this team though. The Mets could really use a right handed hitter that can play the outfield and first base.

I don’t believe that Minaya is looking within the organization exclusively to replace Alou. I believe that he doesn’t want to appear desperate publicly.  Sammy Sosa would be a fit if he could play first base, which I don’t see happening. Sosa wouldn’t be happy for long periods of time on the bench and occasional pinch hitting duty though.

There are rumors that Minaya is trying to work a deal with the Tigers for Marcus Thames. Last year he played in 86 games for the Tigers: .242 18 homers 54 RBI. He played 33 games at first base, 33 in LF, 9 in RF, and 6 at DH. The Tigers could use some help in the bullpen too. That’s where the Mets are trying to move some players. This could be a good fit for both teams.

Moises Alou is back in NY

Alou came back to have an MRI on his groin and found out that he has a hernia. He’ll be out four to six weeks. It’s hard to believe, at this point, how many injuries that the Mets have sustained already. Moises Alou is no stranger to injured reserve. We all know that but the Mets need some healthy bodies. They can field a team in spring training but I’m afraid to see what the roster will look like on opening day in Florida. March 31st isn’t that far away. They need to get healthy in a hurry.