Video: Mets’ Minaya on 2010 Trading Deadline

April 27 2010: Mets' starting pitcher Oliver Perez (46) delivers a pitch during game 2 of a double header MLB game between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Citi Field in Flushing, New York. The Mets beat the Dodgers 10-5.’s some video from ESPN with Omar Minaya talking about the Mets lack of activity at the non-waiver trading deadline yesterday. The biggest issue he talks about is that other teams were interested in the Mets young players that are making an impact in the bigs this year like Jon Niese, Josh Thole, Ike Davis, and Bobby Parnell.

It wouldn’t make sense to me to trade those guys for a rental pitcher like a Ted Lilly or Jake Westbrook. The Mets are 6.5 games out of the division and the wild card today. It wouldn’t make sense to make bold moves when they’re not really in either race at the moment.

The Mets need to keep working hard to unload the dead weight on the roster in August. It’s a guarantee that Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo will be going through waivers this week. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jeff Francoeur went through waivers this month either. There’s no chance he’ll be offered arbitration after this season. So there’s no reason not to put him through waivers to see if there’s a taker out there.

Here’s the video:

Mets Quiet at 2010 Trade Deadline

July 23, 2010 Los Angeles, CA..Mets Luis Castillo  in action during the Major League Baseball game between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The Mets defeated the Dodgers, 6-1..Josh Thompson/CSM.“Mets are in no position to deal prospects of any worth at this point.” -David Lennon of Newsday Long Island

One month ago I would have disagreed with this tweet, as would most Met fans, but at this point I wholeheartedly agree. The team has basically let their season unravel and has not been able to overcome key obstacles. We are now seeing the Mets for what they really are, a flawed .500 caliber baseball club.

The asking price of many of the players on the block is far too high in my opinion to begin with. With the Mets sinking lower and lower in the standings, to trade away the team’s young talent in an act of desperation now would make no sense. Although the Mets do have some promising young players on the farm, the depth of the system is still a concern. The Mets are simply in no position to dispatch prospects in an effort to get climb back into the thick of the race.

As dissatisfied as I was that Omar Minaya didn’t make a move when the team looked like they would stay in contention, I can’t say that I really believe that any pitcher, except for maybe a Cliff Lee or Roy Oswalt, would have made a significant difference. During the recent stretch that has buried the Mets in the standings, the offense, or lack thereof, has been the team’s primarily fault. This is after fans were calling for Minaya’s head for not acquiring a top of the line starting pitcher. I’ll admit, I was one of them.

Although the front office failed in the Lee and Oswalt sweepstakes, I was happy that Omar did not give up Jon Niese or Ike Davis, as I view those two as cogs of the future and trade untouchables. Recently, it was understood that the Astros were asking for Josh Thole and Bobby Parnell in exchange for RHP Brett Myers or perhaps LHP Wandy Rodriguez. Thole looks to be the catcher of the future and Parnell seems to be progressing nicely in his development. Neither of those pitchers are worth Parnell and Thole in my opinion. Continue reading “Mets Quiet at 2010 Trade Deadline”

2010 Mets – We Believe in Comebacks!

New York Mets Omar Minaya reacts while sitting upstairs in a game against the Colorado Rockies at Citi Field in New York City on July 30, 2009. The Mets defeated the Rockies 7-0. (UPI Photo/John Angelillo) Photo via Newscom you? Because I don’t buy it at all.

You can recycle that ad campaign for next year because it doesn’t look like the Mets will be coming back this year. The season is starting to slip away fast and this will be the third year in a row that the Mets, who again have one of the highest payrolls and the some of the best talent in the league, will just choke it all away.

On my very first article for the Mets Report I predicted that the Mets were no better than a 4th place team. The Mets are now ½ game out of fourth and it looks like my prediction may come true.

Despite the fact that I didn’t predict the wonderful additions of Ike Davis and Angel Pagan as true everyday players, which should have made them wild card contenders this year, I did get the feeling that with Omar Minaya in charge the Mets would make an early run and then drop out of the race yet again. Continue reading “2010 Mets – We Believe in Comebacks!”

Report: Mets-Royals Trade Talks

May 09, 2010 - Queens, United States - epa02150708 New York Mets starting pitcher Oliver Perez firing a pitch to home plate to the San Francisco Giants in the first inning at Citi Field, in Queens, New York, 09 May 2010. Sports Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Mets and Royals are still talking about an Oliver Perez for Gil Meche deal. That isn’t news. It’s been out there for a few days. It wouldn’t be an earth shattering trade considering both pitchers are considered diminished goods with bad contracts.

The big news is that there are several other names included in the discussion including Jeff Francoeur, Luis Castillo, Kyle Farnsworth, and Jose Guillen.

It would be interesting to see if they could work out a deal that was a minor facelift for the Mets. I’m not sure that a trade like this would have any major implications for the season other than to shake things up. But sometimes, that’s all it takes to get things moving in the right direction.

Chone Figgins To Mets Trade Could Work

Jul 16, 2010; Anaheim, CA, USA; Seattle Mariners second baseman Chone Figgins (9) bats during the game against the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium. The Angels defeated the Mariners 3-2. . Photo via Newscom Omar Minaya was smart, he would contact the Mariners’ Jack Zduriencik about trading bad contracts before the non-waiver trading deadline. I have to imagine that the Mariners would love to dump Chone Figgins after the fight in the dugout on Friday with manager Don Wakamatsu. Obviously, the Mets would love to unload their own bad contracts, i.e. Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo.

The funny thing is that the money is pretty even. Castillo and Perez are owed a combined approximately $25 million over the next year and a half. Figgins is owed about $29 million through 2013 plus he has a vesting option for 2014 for $9 million if he gets 600 plate appearances in 2013. The money is fairly close.

The Mets would appear to be getting the better player in the deal but they’d be absorbing more money and potentially more risk if Figgins continues to be a problem. He’s also 32 years-old and his offensive numbers have fallen off a cliff this year. There’s the added risk that he’s in a severe performance decline and the Mets are stuck with a long-term contract for him.

I think it’s a nice “change of scenery” deal for both teams that the Mets had luck with last season when they moved Ryan Church for Jeff Francoeur. I don’t think it would be as easy as the deal with the Braves. But the Mets would probably have to throw in a prospect to make it work. Continue reading “Chone Figgins To Mets Trade Could Work”

Video: Oliver Perez on Mets July 24, 2010 Loss

Here’s some video from ESPN talking to Oliver Perez after yesterday’s 3-2 loss to the Dodgers. Perez gave up the walk-off home run to James Loney in the 13th inning. He decided to go with the “everybody makes mistakes” argument for why he blew the game.

Dodgers 3 – Mets 2 July 24, 2010

New York Mets pitcher Oliver Perez reacts after giving up a three-run home run to Florida Marlins batter Dan Uggla during the third inning of their MLB National League baseball game in Miami, Florida May 14, 2010. REUTERS/Rhona Wise (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL) Mets got a fair start from Mike Pelfrey going 5 innings and allowing 2 runs. That’s a major upgrade from his most recent starts. The Mets bullpen took over and threw 5+ shutout innings for Pelfrey and the game went to 13 innings tied 2-2.

The Mets offense was pretty weak with 9 hits and 4 walks over the 13 inning span. Jose Reyes and Jason Bay were both 2 for 5 in the game. But the only extra base hits were doubles by Ike Davis and Luis Castillo. Angel Pagan did have two steals in the game.

Rod Barajas left the game with a strained oblique muscle suffered during an at-bat. Oddly, it was a hit which he hasn’t had many of lately.

Oliver Perez blew the game in the 13th allowing a home run to James Loney. It’s gotten to the point where he can’t do anything right for this team. His new role as lefty specialist isn’t working out so well when he gives up a walk off homer to a lefty on a tough road trip.

Box score