Mets-Yankees Series Not Sold Out

Image via Wikimedia
Image via Wikimedia

I just checked the Yankees website and there are still tickets available for all three games of this weekend’s series in the Bronx. I’m sure there are a lot of factors at play here, the economy, etc. But this series not selling out is ridiculous.

I would guess that there haven’t been tickets available for every game of a Subway Series since they started it in 1997. And if you look at StubHub, you can get tickets for as low as $1 for Saturday’s game. Of course, the best available tickets from the box office for tonight’s game are $900 each. I think that’s got to be the biggest factor in the lack of sell outs.

Both the Mets and Yankees overpriced their tickets this season and are paying the price now. At least the Yankees reduced the prices of some of their upper end tickets. The Mets have been holding steady on their prices. Most likely, they don’t want to issue refunds to the buyers that already purchased tickets.

It’s been a shame all season long to see the high priced seats behind home plate sitting empty, in many cases, at both stadiums. Even if the announcers on SNY are talking about Citi Field being a “full house”. But it’ll be even worse to see such a popular series as this one to have empty seats behind the plate. It makes for bad TV and it’s very disappointing that both teams couldn’t figure out how to properly price their products.

Mets-Marlins April 11, 2009 Game Time Change

Flo RidaThe saga of the game time for tonight’s Mets-Marlins game continues. Originally, the game was scheduled for 7:10 pm but it was changed to 6:10 pm to accomodate a concert by Flo Rida. Now we’re hearing that the game is changed to 6:25 pm.

Most likely the latest change is due to television restrictions by Fox. They have exclusive rights to broadcast MLB games on Saturdays until 7:05 pm. So the Mets and Marlins can’t broadcast the beginning of the game. We’ll have to huddle around our radios like it’s the 1940’s. At least we’ll only miss the first 40 minutes before SNY begins airing the game.

Mets Over Orioles 9-8 To Complete Spring Training

mike-pelfreyThe Mets are finally headed back to New York after what feels like the longest spring training in history. The WBC lengthened spring training, seven weeks long, was arduous at best.

Mike Pelfrey wasn’t very good today, only pitching four innings and giving up eight runs on ten hits. Pelfrey only got 13 pitches in his previous start because of a rain delay, so he may have had a little rust at this early point in the season. I’m not concerned about Pelfrey at all. I like the progress that he’s made over the last year.

The Mets are flying back to New York tonight for a few days before the season starts on Monday against the Cincinnati Reds. The exhibition games gets started at Citi Field on Friday night against the Boston Red Sox at 6:10pm and again on Saturday afternoon at 1:10pm. Both games will be televised, Friday on SNY and Saturday on WPIX.

Its exciting to see the Mets play at Citi Field but I don’t get too fired up about exhibition games. I’m not going to Citi Field until the games count. At the prices the Mets are charging, and considering the economy, I want to get the most for my entertainment dollars. For those of you that are going to the Red Sox games, I’m not saying that its a bad idea. I’m just saying that I prefer to see the Mets starters putting in a full game and playing to win.

I’m ready for the season to start!

Report: Mets Schedule Makes Them Trade Deadline Winners

The Mets chances to take a playoff spot this season actually improved at the trade deadline despite not making any deals according to Sporting News writer Gerry Fraley. He makes some great points about the competition that the Mets will face over the next two months.

The Mets have 14 more games against Atlanta and Pittsburgh, teams that surrendered and became big-time sellers at the deadline.

The Mets also have 12 more games against Washington and San Diego, a pair of last-place clubs. That adds up to 26 games against dead-in-the-water clubs.

Although the Mets schedule is favorable, they need to take advantage of that by winning the series’ that they’re supposed to. That starts with Houston this weekend and then San Diego coming to town on Tuesday.

The Phillies and Marlins failure to make any splashes, such as Manny Ramirez, certainly is a huge positive for the Mets. I’ve read that the Marlins were planning to flip Ramirez to the Yankees if they landed him anyway. So he may not have had an impact in the National League East as was rumored prior to the trade deadline.

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The Mets Head West Again To Face Angels

It seems like the Mets have spent half of the first portion of this season out west. Tonight they’re on their way to Los Angeles for a series against the Angels of Anaheim, or California, or Los Angeles. I can’t keep up anymore. So wherever the Angels are from, they’re a good team playing to a 41-28 record which is good enough for first place in the AL West. That’s a .594 clip which is a far cry from the Mets disappointing .485.

Angels Stadium of Anaheim
Angels Stadium of Anaheim

I haven’t found any reports that Willie Randolph wasn’t on the flight to LA. So as far as we know the same coaching staff is intact. I’m sure that we’ll hear plenty more about that over the coming days. Since we don’t get to see the Angels much here in the National League East, I thought that I would take some time to talk about how they’re doing this season.

The Angels have been one of the best teams in the American League since Mike Scioscia took over the team in 2000. Under his guidance the team has never finished below third place in the Western division and has four first place finishes.

The Angels current injuries are:




Their statistical team leaders are:

image Source: Yahoo Sports


We’ll get to see Vlad Guerrero again unfortunately. I hoped we had seen the last of him when he left Montreal. And it’s hard to believe that K-Rod has 27 saves already. Joe Saunders is having a terrific year going for his 10th win tonight so we’ll miss him in this series. It looks like the Mets will have their hands full with this team.

June 14 Mets- Rangers Game Postponed

The Mets-Rangers game tonight is rained out and will be made up tomorrow. The Mets and Rangers will play an unusual single admission double header starting at 1:10pm. John Maine will pitch the first game and Pedro Martinez the second game.

Tickets for tonight’s game will not be accepted tomorrow. You can exchange them for another game that has available tickets.