Mets-Yankees Tickets May 21-23 2010 On Sale

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The Mets are putting some more tickets on sale this morning at 10am EDT for the Mets-Yankees series at Citi Field. It goes without saying that these were tickets that they held out from the single game ticket sales expecting them to be sold as part of season or partial season packages. That goes to show you just how few tickets sold this season. I would guess they were especially hard hit in the packages that they’re trying to sell.

The games are listed as:

Friday May 21 7:10pm SNY

Saturday May 22 7:10pm Fox

Sunday May 23 8:05pm ESPN

We’ve written before that they’re running a promotion that weekend too. It’s a cap trade promotion. And we’ve written that 2010 ticket sales are down this year. So it’s a good chance for all of us to get out and see the Mets take on the reigning World Series champs.

Mets Cap Trade Day – May 21-23 2010

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I am looking ahead to the next few home series and I noticed something very interesting. May 21st – 23 the Yankees are in town. The Mets have some king of weird promotion called Mets cap trade day but the day is for the entire series. The first 5,000 fans at these three games will get a Mets cap. Being that it’s cap trade day are you supposed to trade in a Yankee cap for a Mets one?

If so, how many Yankee fans will be rushing to Citi Field for their free cap? How many Yankee fans will give up their Yankee caps for a Mets one? Will Yankee fans, proud fans of a team that are the defending World Series champions, expect to change allegiances because of a free Mets cap?

Promotion Fail. The person who thought up this promotion should go before Omar or Jerry. Continue reading “Mets Cap Trade Day – May 21-23 2010”

Mets 2010 TV Schedule Is National

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The day off today gave me a chance to catch up on a column from Richard Sandomir for the Times that I haven’t gotten to yet this week. Between the hoopla surrounding the Mets resurgence and working hard this week, I just hadn’t gotten to it. But the day off is a good chance to address an important topic: the Mets have been on national TV a lot this season.

It’s especially surprising that ESPN and FOX would put the Mets on so frequently considering how pathetic they were last season. Apparently, the network execs expected a comeback when they worked out the season scheduling. Continue reading “Mets 2010 TV Schedule Is National”

Mets Wrap Up Successful Homestand – Look Ahead

The Mets have had a big home stand against the Cubs, Braves, and Dodgers. David Daniels writes that the next series in Philadelphia could set the tone for the rest of the season.

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Are we getting excited yet!?! Our Met’s are now on a 6 game winning streak and hopefully we can make it a 7 game winning streak before heading off to Philly. This was a wildly successful homestand.

Yes, It’s a little early in the year but I’m so looking forward to this weekend series with the Phillies. I love the rivalry. Considering the rough start the Mets had, catching the Phillies will make this series that much more entertaining.

Jon Niese will open the series Friday followed by Mike Pelfrey and then Johan Santana. The Phillies pitchers have yet to be announced. This lines up our top two pitchers for a crucial series that will set the tone for the entire year. Will the Phillies embarrass the Mets or will the Mets show they can play toe-to-toe with the defending NL Champs and leave Philly in first? Continue reading “Mets Wrap Up Successful Homestand – Look Ahead”

Cubs – Mets Four Game Series April 19-22, 2010

Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella yells at first base umpire Ted Barrett during his team's game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field in Chicago Cubs come to town for a four game series starting tonight on ESPN. They’re 5-5 in their last 10 games and just lost a home series to the lowly Astros. It looks like they’re pretty much in the same position as the Mets, under-performing at 5-7.

The Cubs roster is in a pretty decent position. They only have three players on the disabled list, all pitchers. Ted Lilly, Angel Guzman, and Esmailin Caridad are all hurt.

For the low-down on the Cubs check out the following sites:

Mets Cut Ticket Prices For Remaining Games

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The Mets finally bit the bullet and cut prices on some tickets for remaining games at Citi Field. It took until the middle of August to do it, when the front office finally had to admit that their team is terrible and just isn’t a draw for fans.

They’re dropping some tickets by 50% for the Metropolitan Box seats effective immediately. Four other games have 40% reductions and three games have 33% discounts. Call this the “Madoff Effect”.

For those of you that are season ticket holders or partial plan buyers, you just got “scr*wed” by the Mets. The value of your investment was just diminished considerably. That doesn’t even factor what they just did to the secondary market. The Mets are trying to undersell you on Stubhub and eBay… Ouch. They continue to treat their season ticket holders poorly again and again. It’s really sad.

Video: Mets Ticket Pricing And Policies Interview

I had the opportunity to talk to Kerel Cooper of On The Black about several issues related to Mets ticket pricing and policies. These are topics that have come up from the readers here at The Mets Report. When Kerel asked me to join him to talk about these issues I jumped at the chance. Watch the video below and add your thoughts in the comments.