More On Booing Home Players

Although the blogs have been on this topic for weeks, the mainstream media is still just getting to this story. We, as Mets fans, are frustrated and angry with this team. The last two seasons have left a lot of pent up emotion that can’t be relieved by a trip to a shrink. We need a trip to the playoffs. That’s the only cure for our angst.
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Mike Vaccaro wrote a column on the topic for Fox Sports today and summarizes the current victims of our impatience:

Right now, there are three permanent residents of the wrong side of the wall, which we’ll call the dark side of the swoon: Carlos Delgado is the captain and unchallenged leader, and the farther south of .200 his average dips the more likely he’ll be wearing a “C” on his uniform before long. Aaron Heilman is on that side, mostly because he can’t get out of his own way now. And Willie Randolph is there, too, for long and meritorious service.

Why should we be more tolerant? We’ve got a first class city, a first class payroll, and a first class stadium on the way. We want a franchise that plays like a first place team.

Mets Use Six Pitchers To Beat Atlanta Braves 4-3

John Maine went five innings and got the win today to go to 2-2 on the season. Five other pitchers from the bullpen combined to hold the Braves down over the last four innings. The only scare was Aaron Heilman giving up two hits and a run in the sixth. Heilman was heartily booed by the crowd of 51,000.

The Mets offense seemed to start waking up today too. Willie Randolph canceled batting practice this morning and told the players they could show up late at 11:30am. He’s pulling out all of the tricks in his book to try to get the Mets back on track. Yesterday he made the team take fielding practice before the game which is a rarity these days.

Reportedly Jeff Wilpon visited Willie in his office before the game. yesterday Maybe Willie is starting to get a little desperate and pushing every button he can think of. If it works, that’s great. If not, it comes across as grabbing at straws.

David Wright and Damion Easley both had two hits in the game. Ryan Church hit a triple off Tim Hudson, and Angel Pagan had a pinch hit triple off reliever Jeff Bennett.

Carlos Delgado took another “O-fer” and heard about it from the crowd in every at-bat. They’ve got to move him down to seventh or eighth in the lineup. He’s got nothing at the plate right now. He’s still hitting sixth on his reputation from a few years ago but it’s hurting the team. Willie needs to come to grips with that.

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New Reader Poll- Carlos Delgado

There’s been so much talk about what to do with Carlos Delgado. As I’ve talked about here several times, there aren’t any obvious options right now.

I decided to see if The Mets Report readers think that Carlos Delgado will be on the Mets roster for this whole season. Maybe he’ll be traded or released. Maybe he’ll be at first base all season. We’ll have to see how things play out with Omar Minaya’s patience level.

What do you think? Take the poll on the right side of the page.

End For Delgado Looks Near

Carlos Delgado has been demoted in the batting order. Now he’s been benched, at least for one night. It’s become a situation that will happen with greater frequency in the near future. New York’s high-paid former star first baseman sitting on the bench. He’s become the deserving target of boo’s from New York Mets fans both at home and on the road. The Mets fans have been traveling well this season so Carlos gets to hear boo’s wherever he goes.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote a good column today talking about how we know this is going to end soon. It’s likely that the Mets will have to release Delgado before his sub-par play ruins the 2008 season for the rest of the team.

Sherman also introduces an interesting concept, that of Delgado’s contract providing protection for him. The Mets owe him so much money that they have to tolerate more than a year of putrid on-field performance.

I’d like to introduce a concept of my own. The concept that Delgado has made $118, 299,000 in his career before to the 2008 season began. He’s already made more money than he and his family and many future generations of his family will ever need. He’s just not motivated or “hungry” to get back to a high level of play before he made the money. That’s what it comes down to in my mind. If he hadn’t made all that money he’d still be motivated to get his game together to earn a big contract.

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On Deck: Saturday April 26, 2008

Atlanta Braves (12-11) at New York Mets (11-11)  1:10pm

Tim Hudson (3-1) vs. John Maine (1-2)

TV: CW11    Radio: WFAN

What to watch: After dropping the first game of the series to the Braves, the Mets need to win both Saturday and Sunday to win this home series against division rivals. The Mets don’t seem to have anything going for them right now except for Johan Santana and he can’t pitch every day unfortunately. Maine will have to be the stopper in this one. Carlos Delgado is scheduled to be back in the lineup after only making a pinch hitting appearance and striking out Friday night.

Nats Smoke Mets 10-5

Oliver Perez didn’t pitch well but it certainly wasn’t as bad as his line shows. He went 5.2 innings and gave up three runs but left two on for Aaron Heilman in the sixth. Heilman promptly walked Lastings Milledge and then gave up another grand slam to Felipe Lopez, and the game was over.

The Mets bullpen has given up three grand slams now. The entire National League has only had four grand slams.

Jorge Sosa got knocked around again in the seventh inning giving up three runs but only one was earned. Jose Reyes made an error and then Carlos Delgado let one go right past his glove on the ground in what should’ve been scored an error too.

Delgado went 0 for 4 again and his average is down to .198 now. There have been so many columns and blog posts about what the Mets can do with him. This is now his second season of not hitting. I think he may be “done”.

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Mets Take Out Listless Nats 7-2

Johan Santana looks like he’s worth the money, and the prospects that the Mets gave up. He was good again tonight keeping the Mets in the game through seven innings. He had seven strikeouts, and gave up two runs, seven hits and one walk. I might also mention that he was 2 for 2 at the plate with two doubles.

Carlos Beltran was 2 for 4 and looked really good hitting left handed. Ryan Church was 2 for 5 as well. Angel Pagan had two steals, Reyes had one, and Luis Castillo had his fifth steal of the year. That’s one more than Reyes has.

The death knell for Carlos Delgado was subsided for one night mostly because the Mets won. But Delgado did have a hit and an RBI to stave off the vultures circling his career.

Playing against the Nationals is a good way to make a team feel good about themselves. They’ve got very little talent on that team. Their new stadium looks great though and has me looking forward to seeing Citi Field.

The Mets fans are traveling really well this season. There was an audible presence during the game. That’s great to see in another team’s stadium.

I have to mention that Willie Randolph is the last person to notice that Delgado should move lower in the order and Duaner Sanchez should pitch the eighth inning. It’s amazing to me that everyone else recognizes that before he does. He’s far too loyal to players that aren’t getting the job done. That’s all that I’ll say about that… I feel like I’m beating a dead horse.

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