Nationals 3 – Mets 2 May 10, 2010

MLB: APR 25 Braves at Mets Mets got a good start from John Maine, his third in a row. He went 6 IP giving up 2 ER on back to back homers by Adam Kennedy and Ryan Zimmerman in the third inning. He did have a lot of traffic on the bases giving up 7 hits and 4 walks but managed to keep the damage to a minimum.

Pedro Feliciano was terrible in the eighth inning giving up 3 straight hits and a run while only recording one out. That’s where the game was lost.

The Mets did have 12 hits including a long home run in the ninth by Angel Pagan. The Mets left 11 runners on base including Ike Davis leaving 5 and Jose Reyes 4. Speaking of Reyes, he got tossed in the seventh inning for throwing his bat and helmet down after a called third strike. Jerry Manuel came out and got tossed immediately after Reyes.

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Mets 5 – Giants 4 May 8, 2010

New York Mets Oliver Perez, Jose Reyes and David Wright welcome batter Henry Blanco at home plate after his solo home run beat the San Francisco Giants in New York post is a little late coming but I was out and listening to most of the game on the radio this afternoon. The Mets won their second game in a row on a walk-off home run, this time by Henry Blanco in 11 innings. It’s the ninth straight home win for the Mets and takes the series from the Giants.

Johan Santana recovered nicely from his horrible start in Philly. He went 7.2 IP giving up 4 ER. But it should have been 3. Fernando Nieve and Pedro Feliciano relieved Santana in the eighth and both gave up hits without getting an out.

K-Rod pitched pretty well in the ninth and tenth innings. He did give up 2 walks and has a 1.15 WHIP, which is a little higher than you’d like to see from a top of the line closer.

The Mets had 7 hits in the game and Blanco was 3 for 5 in the game including the game winner in the eleventh. Clearly, he was the offensive hero of the game.

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Audio: Manuel, Feliciano Post Game May 5, 2010

Pedro Feliciano
Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

It’s comical to hear Ed Coleman and Kevin Burkhardt asking Pedro Feliciano questions about giving up the game winning homer in extras today. What do they expect him to say? Cabrera hit the ball well and it went out. Enough said.

It’s got to be tough to stand there and answer questions about letting the team down in extra innings. But I guess that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

Audio- Feliciano 5/5/10

Jerry Manuel talks about Jason Bay and how cold he is. They’re going to keep running him out there even though he can’t hit the broad side of a barn right now. 0-12 in the Cincy series.

Audio- Manuel 5/5/10

Reds 5 – Mets 4 May 5, 2010

New York Mets starting pitcher Jonathan Niese throws against the Colorado Rockies in their MLB baseball game in Denver only got to see the first four innings of this one because I was at work today. The bottom line is the Mets lost the second game in the series on a walk off home run in extras. Today Orlando Cabrera hit one off Pedro Feliciano in the tenth inning.

Jon Niese had a decent line: 6 IP and 4 ER. That’s not terrible but he had traffic on the bases in almost every inning. He gave up 12 hits in those 6 innings. Not good.

Angel Pagan and David Wright both had nice games at the plate. Pagan was 3 for 4 with a SB and 1 run scored. Wright was 2 for 5 with a solo homer, his 7th of the season.

The Mets finish their road trip at 2-4 and come home to play the Giants this weekend.

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Mets 4 – Dodgers 1 Apirl 27, 2010 Game 1

New York Mets starting pitcher Johan Santana slaps hands with David Wright at Citi Field in New York Mets completed their fifth straight win and fourth shutout of the season behind Johan Santana’s 6 innings. He didn’t have his best stuff and his velocity was down today. The fastball was in the upper 80’s. But he got through six innings giving up 4 hits and 3 walks and getting the win.

Fernando Nieve and Pedro Feliciano tacked on three more shutout innings after Santana left the game.

The Mets didn’t have a ton of offense, which has been the case often lately. But they had enough to get the win. They had only 8 hits as a team and left 13 runners on base. Luis Castillo had 2 RBI single in the 7th inning and Jason Bay hit his first homer of the year in the second inning.

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Oliver Perez Shuts Cardinals Down – Bullpen Fails Him

Oliver Perez delivers
Image by afagen via Flickr

The Amazin’ Mets find another Amazin’ way to lose a game. Oliver Perez pitched a great game, but from what I’ve seen of Ollie in the past he has about two or three games like this a season where he gets up and totally dominates a much better team while losing to the crappy ones. If you were one of those people who said Ollie would rise to the occasion and pitch a good game last night, you were right.

I have never seen this Ollie though. I have seen overpowering Ollie, I have seen completely nasty Ollie but I have never seen crafty Ollie. The curve-balls, sliders and off-speed stuff kept the Cardinals off balance all night. I have to admit I was glued to the TV watching this Ollie. Will he be back again this year? Continue reading “Oliver Perez Shuts Cardinals Down – Bullpen Fails Him”

Mets 2010 Relievers – Ryota Igarashi and Kelvim Escobar

MLB: Angels v Rangers July 5, 2007

One of the biggest changes we’ll see as Mets fans this year will be in the bullpen. Of course, Francisco Rodriguez is still at the back of the pen. But there are some big changes in front of him. Last season the Mets acquired J.J. Putz in a trade before the season and that sealed the setup role for 2009. It didn’t work out as planned with Putz only pitching in 29 games before having elbow surgery. But the plan for the season was clear. It isn’t so clear who will set up Rodriguez in 2010.

Ryota Igarashi may have the inside track if he can show the type of performance that he did while playing in Japan. The 30 year-old right hander is a flame thrower with a touch of wildness. You can read a great profile of Igarashi at NPB Tracker. We’ll get a much better idea of what he can do against Major League hitters during spring training. Sometimes the success that players have in Japan just doesn’t translate here in the U.S.

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