Poll: Mets 2010 Worst Contract

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The Mets have a few really bad contracts on the books right now. But I’m curious to find out who you think is the absolute worst. I have my own ideas about that. And I’ll go ahead and vote in this one too.

You can base this on any criteria that you like. It could be the worst production, too many injuries, too much money, a combination of them all. Whatever you like. Basically, I’d like to know who you think the Mets are throwing the most money away on.

Vote in the poll below.

Poll: Mets And Free Agent Starting Pitchers

NEW YORK - AUGUST 15:  (FILE) Erik Bedard #45 ...

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Many were clamoring for John Lackey when the free agent signings started. He ended up in Boston and the drop off to the next level of free agent is huge. I never thought that the Mets would end up with Lackey, nor do I think they need another starter with #1 type of stuff.

I’d like to know of the remaining free agents, which players do you think that the Mets should be after? Be wary of the injured former stars like Ben Sheets and Erik Bedard. That kind of signing could really blow up in the Mets face if they rely on a player with a terrible injury history. It probably wouldn’t blow up as badly as the Oliver Perez contract did though.

The poll is after the break.

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Poll: Mets Fans Hate Yankees And Phillies Equally?

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I’ve been thinking about the nightmare scenario for Mets fans for a while now. What I’m talking about is a World Series featuring the Phillies and Yankees. I alluded to this idea in my post a couple of weeks ago, that I don’t understand Mets fans rooting for the Yankees. Now that the Phillies are in the Series again, and the Yankees are on the cusp, it’s time to get serious about this issue.

I’m still holding out a sliver of hope that the Angels can pull off a miracle in the headquarters of the Evil Empire. I still have such fond memories of 2004!I haven’t totally given up on the Angels and I’ll be rooting for them. But winning two at Yankee Stadium will be tough. Continue reading “Poll: Mets Fans Hate Yankees And Phillies Equally?”

Poll: Mets 2010 First Base- What To Do?

Now that I posted my thoughts on the Mets first base situation for next year, it’s time to hear from you. What the heck should they do? You’ve had a couple of days to think about what I wrote and comment. Now it’s your turn.

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Poll: Mets Angel Pagan An Everyday Player

Angel PagaonOne of the things that I’ve wanted to get your opinion about is whether or not you think that Angel Pagan is an everyday player. He seems to be one of those five-tool players that’s always hurt. Pagan has tremendous athletic ability but he occasionally makes silly plays in the outfield or on the bases that make you shake your head.

Pagan has never played in more than 77 games in a season during his short career. Some of that was due to being an inexperienced player and some due to injuries. Clearly, he’s playing as well as he ever has as a Met since Carlos Beltran went on the disabled list. He has 211 at-bats this season, by far the most of his career.

The most likely determining factor into Pagan getting a shot to play everyday in left field next season is first base. Do the Mets continue with light-hitting Daniel Murphy at first and get a slugging outfielder in free agency? Matt Holliday and Jason Bay are both free agents after this season. Or do the Mets get a slugging first baseman and go with a more athletic outfielder like Pagan in left?

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Poll Results: Mets 2009 Leadoff Hitter

Jose Reyes And Luis CastilloThe results are in and most of you prefer Jose Reyes over Luis Castillo to hit leadoff. The margin was 70% to 30% and I have to agree. Now we’re starting to hear from Mets manager Jerry Manuel that he’s thinking about going back to Reyes leading off. The media stories we’ve been getting from Manuel about Castillo leading off go to my theory of Manuel working mind games.

We should also refer to the excellent post that Cyril Morong wrote at Cybermetrics about the best leadoff hitters in baseball last summer. It’s worth noting that Jose Reyes is at the top of the list in his statistical analysis.

In my mind, Manuel shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken. Leave Reyes in the leadoff spot and try to hide Castillo at the bottom of the order. Maybe he could even try one of those crazy lineup’s that Tony LaRussa uses with the pitcher hitting eighth and Castillo ninth.