The Long Lost Yankees Mascot

Apr. 16, 2010 - Bronx, United States - epa02120470 Fans stand in the rain during a weather delay of the game between the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York, USA, 16 April 2010.

Time for an interesting Yankees fact before the second and final Subway Series of 2010.

Very interesting information I found on “Big League Stew” a Yahoo sports blog, and also tweeted by George Steinbrenner on twitter, conveniently before Part 2 of the Subway Series. The Yankees did have a mascot! Blasphemy! Check out the Video.

How many of you know Yankees Fans? I know quite a few and Yankees fans will all state that the Yankees don’t need a mascot. That’s beneath them. Continue reading “The Long Lost Yankees Mascot”

Mets-Padres Rainout June 9, 2010

The Mets and Padres are rained out tonight and will play a day/night doubleheader tomorrow. The make-up game will be tomorrow night at 7:10pm and tickets for tonight’s game will be honored. The regular 1:10pm game tomorrow will go on and you need tickets to the afternoon game to get into that one.

Also, parking tickets and receipts from tonight will be honored tomorrow night.

Mets 2010 Schedule – Looking Ahead to June

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With Memorial Day signifying the start of summer, June brings us some interesting match-ups and more interleague play. Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to this month:

The Mets schedule starts the month of June in San Diego. Actually, the Mets are IN San Diego for Memorial Day May 31st. San Diego, being a huge naval base to the Pacific Fleet, is an appropriate choice to spend Memorial Day and a great way for us Mets fans to brush up on our history.

There will be a Midway Memorial Day Tribute at Petco Park as part of a special pregame tribute to the military and the USS Midway as well as a fireworks show after the game. I hope the Padres wear their military themed uniforms. I was always a huge fan of Adrian Gonzalez and always wanted the Mets to get him to play first base. Having Ike Davis, who is also homegrown, means this will never happen. After watching Ike play, I’m glad the Mets never made the attempt. Continue reading “Mets 2010 Schedule – Looking Ahead to June”

Mets Road Trip Preview: May 28- June 2, 2010

Travellers Begin To Return Home After Flight Restrictions Are Lifted Mets have proven they can win at home; they have the Majors best home record at 19-9. Now they need to shake their funk on the road, where they have a 6-14 clip, which is the worst in the National League and 3rd worst in the Majors.

Friday, May 28th: Mets (Santana) vs. Brewers (Gallardo) 8:10 PM
Saturday, May 29th: Mets (Nieve) vs. Brewers (Parra) 7:10 PM
Sunday, May 30th: Mets (Dickey) vs. Brewers (Wolf) 2:10 PM
Monday, May 31st: Mets (Takahashi) vs. Padres (Correia) 10:05 PM
Tuesday, June 1st: Mets (Pelfrey) vs. Padres (LeBlanc) 10:05 PM
Wednesday, June 2nd: Mets (Santana) vs. Padres (Richard) 6:35 PM Continue reading “Mets Road Trip Preview: May 28- June 2, 2010”

Mets Home Stand Review- May 21-27, 2010

New York Mets' Reyes and Pagan celebrate after they beat the Philadelphia Phillies to sweep their MLB National League baseball series in New York the defending American League and National League champions were visiting, I’d say a 5-1 home stand was reasonable, no?

Friday, May 21st: Yankees 2, Mets 1
Saturday, May, 22nd: Yankees 3, Mets 5
Sunday, May 23rd: Yankees 4, Mets 6
Tuesday, May 25th: Phillies 0, Mets 8
Wednesday, May 26th: Phillies 0, Mets 5
Thursday, May 27th: Phillies 0, Mets 3

Predicted Mets Home Stand: 4-2.

Actual Mets Home Stand: 5-1. This is even better, because as I stated in the review, 4-2 got the Mets back to .500. Now, the Mets sit at 25-23, two games above!

Without a doubt, the absolute best part about this home stand was sweeping the Phillies. And shutting them out in all three games! The Mets won the series by a combined score of 16-0. That’s like the score of a Canada-Afghanistan hockey match.

There were a couple members of the team that were a huge part in this successful home stand. The first is Mike Pelfrey. Big Pelf won both of his starts on this home stand, shutting down the Yankees and Phillies for most of their respective games. The second is Jose Reyes, who had multiple hits in all five games the Mets won on this home stand. That whole “the Mets go as Reyes goes” theory? It’s more than a theory, it’s an utter reality. Continue reading “Mets Home Stand Review- May 21-27, 2010”

Mets – Phillies Rivalry History

Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Mets at Citi Field in New York up in the 1990’s it’s amazing to think that the Philadelphia Phillies vs. the New York Mets would take shape into a rivalry. Remember the days when the Phillies had some no name manager named Terry Francona?

They were an afterthought to Mets fans. They had very little fan support in a hideous stadium and their big name players, Scott Rolen and Curt Schilling, loved the city so much that they left town.

From 1994-2000 the Phillies didn’t have a winning season. I remember looking at them on the calendar as any other game, almost comparing them to the Montreal Expos, dare I say. It was the Atlanta Braves that we all worried about.

Even throughout Mets history, the Phillies and Mets never really had a rivalry even though the teams’ ballparks were only 91 miles apart. Continue reading “Mets – Phillies Rivalry History”

Yankees-Mets Series Renews Inter-League Hype

Joe Mauer
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Two years ago I wrote about why I love inter-league games. And I still haven’t changed my mind. The Mets-Yankees series was fantastic. The games were competitive and the final game Sunday night was a nail-biter right down to the last K-Rod strike out of A-Rod. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I understand why some people are done with the annual Yankees series’ and inter-league games in general. But I’m really pumped for Detroit and Minnesota coming to New York next month. They’re both playing really well right now, 1 and 2 in the AL Central. Joe Mauer and Justin Morneua are players that I rarely get to see. I’d pay to see those guys play and I don’t have to degrade myself by going to Yankee Stadium to do it.

Since 1997 we’ve heard players say that the Yankees-Mets series is just another series. But there definitely seems to be some extra fire on the field from my perspective. I don’t buy what they’re selling at all.

A Johan Santana-Justin Verlander match up would be fantastic. Sure, it doesn’t have the same impact in the standings as a National League game. But I just like to watch good players play. Especially when I don’t get to see them frequently except on Baseball Tonight highlights. So I’m renewing my praise of inter-league games. Major League Baseball got this one right.