Mets 4 – D-Backs 1 April 22, 2011

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The Mets won their second game in a row behind a really strong start by Mike Pelfrey. Pelf went 7 innings allowing 1 run and lowering his ERA by 2.5 runs. He looked like the Pelf when he was going strong last season, his sinker was working for strikes and he mixed in a couple of curveballs for strikes too. It’s a shame that he hasn’t been able to be more consistent when you see him pitch like he did tonight.

The Mets couldn’t get much going offensively against Joe Saunders managing only 2 hits off him. They finally got on the board when the D-Backs bullpen took over and Ike Davis hit a 2-run homer. It was initially called a double off the center field wall. But Terry Collins asked for a review and got one. The instant replay clearly showed it was over the line of the wall for Davis’ second homer in two days.

The Mets put up some insurance runs in the eighth as the D-Backs kicked the ball around. And Jason Isringhausen and K-Rod locked down the late innings. This game was just how Collins would have drawn it up. I hope they can keep the good vibes going.

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Mets 9 – Astros 1 April 21, 2011

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The Mets had a confluence of events that finally led to a home win tonight. Jason Bay came off the disabled list, Terry Collins got thrown out, and David Wright started hitting again. Maybe the most important factor of the night was that Chris Capuano had a great start going 7 innings and only allowing 1 run. He lowered his ERA to 5.95 (still awful) but made some great progress tonight. Hopefully, he can get more consistent.

The Mets had some solid offense with 8 hits and 2 walks including three home runs. But they also took advantage of some bumbling, stumbling play by the sorry Astros. Mike Nickeas had his first career home run. David Wright got off an 0 for 20 schnide with a home run and Ike Davis hit his classic straight center field shot.

The only down side to the game was that Angel Pagan left with an injury after running into Justin Turner on a pop up. It looked like he might have hyperextended his elbow but I’m sure we’ll hear more over the next day or so.

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The Amazing Mets! What Fundy’s! Baseball at it’s Finest

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Hey Mets Fans! This is baseball at it’s finest! A 5-13 start! Worst record in baseball! But hey, the Mets do have a manager who spent all spring pushing fundamentals and all that hard work is paying off.

But let’s go back on the field and watch Carlos Beltran hit one homer after another in his quest for riches from his next team. He’s not selfish! Wink, wink… Watch as David Wright flips his helmet in amazingly accurate fashion towards the ground as he watches another homer die at the warning track or racks up another strikeout. All this while he’s thinking, “F@%$, I could be hitting 50 F’in homers in Philly!” Watch as Ike Davis attempts to show up a few more umpires after arguing balls and strikes. Watch the uncoachable Jose Reyes play the game the same way he’s played it for the last 5 years, never improving but never getting any worse either. Watch the 2nd baseman of the day screw up another double play. Check out the left-fielder of the day from double or triple AAA as they drop a ball in left field. Watch as the Mets pinch hitters bunt into double plays. Watch as Dish Network drops SNY and nobody cares.

Watch Terry Collins do more running than any current Mets player as he makes run after run to the pitching mound. No wonder Sandy Alderson needed a manager with so much energy! Check out the new Mets who, when they smell a win once a week, play it like the 7th game of a World Series. It’s April and it’s “ALL HANDS ON DECK!” Continue reading “The Amazing Mets! What Fundy’s! Baseball at it’s Finest”

Mets Bullpen Problem: More than Just Pitching

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There is no doubt that Terry Collins and the New York Mets staff have slim pickings when it comes to the bullpen. There are a few young guys, a few guys who have struggled, and two veterans who don’t pitch because the Mets never have the lead in the 8th or the 9th.

However, the bullpen problem isn’t just the pitchers themselves. Management and the staff deserve some of the blame too.

Can anyone tell me why Terry Collins hasn’t used Pedro Beato in a big spot yet? He continues to pitch Bobby Parnell who is giving up hit after hit (.290 BAA). It’s ridiculous! Quit using the guy! He has had one good outing this entire season so far and other than that he has been terrible. What do you think will happen, one night he will find it?

Beato, on the other hand, has been the lone bright spot in the bullpen this year. The 24 year old has the second best WHIP (Walks and Hits per Innings Pitched) in the bullpen behind Jason Isringhausen. Yet, thanks to Collins, Met fans have to deal with Bobby Parnell stinking up the show every night. Continue reading “Mets Bullpen Problem: More than Just Pitching”

Knicks and Mets – Opposite Ends of the Same Stick

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The Knicks and Mets have one major thing in common; what the Knicks just went through the Mets are just starting. I think former Arizona Cardinals head coach, Dennis Green, sums it up best “They are who we thought they were”. The Mets organization as a whole is a mess. The number one ace has more walks than strikeouts, a higher WHIP than the top 13 NATIONAL LEAGUE pitchers have ERA, has almost triple the ERA of the league average and hasn’t gone 6 innings yet. And this is supposed to be the best pitcher on the staff?

Yes, we got teased more than Charlie Brown thinking he was going to kick the football after that first road series. I heard it on the radio, on blogs, websites, TV, everything. Why not us? Why can’t we get lucky and have everything break right? Why can’t Chris Capuano and Chris Young regain their past form, or Jose Reyes become a run anytime he gets on 1st, Carlos Beltran find new knees…..why not? If the Mets can have a monumental, ground-breaking, epic collapse why can’t they have the opposite happen….Stranger things have happened right?

Wrong. Continue reading “Knicks and Mets – Opposite Ends of the Same Stick”

Video: Mets Weekly Report- Losing, Doubleheaders, Pagan

Angel Pagan
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There was so much to talk about this week. The Rockies and Braves with consecutive doubleheader beatings and the Rox sweeping the Mets at home. The Mets lack of fundamentals. We could go on and on.

Kerel Cooper of On The Black and I get fired up this week about the Mets losing ways. Terry Collins talks a lot about playing the game “the right way”. But it looks like that’s just talk because it isn’t the Mets playing the game the right way. The team has been one of the worst in recent memory at playing a smart game. Mental mistakes have been more frequent than physical errors.

We also talk about some of the worst performing Mets early this season like Angel Pagan and Mike Pelfrey. Check out the video below and post your comments.

Mets 3 – Braves 2 April 17, 2011

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 24:  RY 24:  Dil...
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The Mets finally broke the seven game losing streak today and played this game like it was the seventh game of the World Series. It was all hands on deck as Chris Capuano and R.A. Dickey even got into the action. I love the way Terry Collins played it. He wasn’t waiting around for someone to make plays or thinking it was still too early in the season to worry about a losing streak. He knew that he had to shorten the bench and get a win.

The lineup had a minor shuffle with Josh Thole hitting second and Angel Pagan moving down to sixth. Thole came through 2 for 4 with 2 RBI’s and looked very comfortable letting Jose Reyes do his thing on the bases.

Dillon Gee had an excellent spot start picking up right where he left off at the end of last season. He went 5.2 IP allowing 1 run on 5 hits and 2 walks. That’s a really solid start.

I wish the Mets would give him more serious consideration for the big league roster. Capuano hasn’t shown much and Gee has been so consistent at this level. I hope he gets a real shot soon in this rotation.

The Mets come home to an off day tomorrow and the Astros in town this week.

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